Draft of Content Page

Now I had looked at the conventions of a contents page and the type of catchy headlines used, I was now ready to begin drafting mine for my magazine. Below is my draft one and the improvements which I can make to it.

Please click on the page to open it up as a pdf.

What works?

  • The large heading clearly shows what this page of my magazine is. It is also quite unique and interesting as it runs across three lines.
  • The colour pink runs throughout and fits in with the colour scheme of my magazine.
  • The image used is large and interesting. It catches the readers eye.
  • The headlines are catchy and are clearly labeled with page numbers.
  • The entire page is quite minimalist which avoids any confusion or boredom from too much text.

What doesn’t work?

  • There may be too much pink making it a little plain.
  • There is only one image.
  • The number of articles are uneven. If I add an eighth, there will be four on the top and four on the bottom.

So what are the improvements to be made?

  • I need to add a page number to the bottom right corner.
  • I can add another headline to fill the gap in the bottom left corner.
  • I could add something interesting in the background to add more detail to interest the reader.
  • I could add another image or two to intrigue the reader even more into reading the articles.
  • I could add/change the colour of the title “contents” so there is more difference and less of the same colour.

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