Green Screen Studio Filming

In preparation to make our own music videos, it is important that I have learnt how to film in a studio and know how to lip sync.

We went to a green screen studio where we filmed to gain shots for a practice music video. We used a multi cam setup and although we may not use more than one camera filming our actual videos, it was interesting to see how you would set them up. Using more that one camera at a time enables you to have to take less takes and it enables you to record at multiple angles and distances at one time. For example, one camera could be taking a close up and the other could be taking a long, wide shot. The cameras which we used for filming were set up onto tripods. This enabled the recordings to be stabilized, which allowed the film to be clear and smooth.

When recording, it was important to make sure that the people in the shot had enough green screen around them (especially if the were tall) and that the shots were in focus. You also had to ensure that they were not creating a shadow behind them as this could effect post production.

Below are some photos showing us at the green screen studio and learning how to use all of the equipment.


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