Pitch + Feedback

To show our idea and visions for our music video, me and Zoe produced a pitch which we then presented. Below you will find the slideshow which includes the song itself along with lyrics, the themes and words which associate with the song and then our ideas on what we are going to actually film.

From the feedback, we were able to identify the positives and goals for our music video.


  • The song has a clear voice to be able to lip sync well to
  • Clear narrative that creates a powerful message
  • The parallel narrations work well and create interest
  • The locations to film in will work great
  • Good contrast between being trapped in a ‘fake image’ and escaping into your true identity
  • Having close ups of the performers in the studios to emphasize them being made up


  • Filming will need to be completed in minimum takes due to the make up and hair
  • Plan the mise en scene carefully as it will be tricky
  • Make sure the dancing shows a powerful message
  • Be careful when using the studios as there is only one wall to film against. Possibly use a rotating chair to help with filming movement
  • Possibly represent the star as the opposite showing how stars must present their image perfectly
  • Plan out the dancing well to make sure it works

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