Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Before filming our music video, it was essential to do some more research into the type of filming and techniques used in Colbie’s other music videos as well as other music videos from artists in the same kind of genre; indie pop/country.

Below is a Padlet that we made which shows the type of shots that we found were used.

Made with Padlet

From reviewing these music videos, we were able to identify that the indie pop/country style of music is very free flowing and are most often used to express and infer an important message. They are all quite natural with no over the top lighting or costumes.

The shots in the music videos almost always follow the tempo of the songs which results in a variety of shots being used. In the verses, quite often there were long swooping shots with a slower cutting speed however when the tempo increased in the chorus, this cutting speed increased. As well as the cutting speed, we also discovered that the technique of slow motion was also used in quite a few of the music videos we looked at. This helps to portray the natural and relaxing aura accosted with the indie pop/country genre.

Researching other music videos and the type of techniques used has been very useful in identifying the common conventions of this genre. When making our music video, we will need to use our findings to make sure that we follow the conventions so that our audience accept and are interested in the media we make. It is also important that we are slightly different to enable our music video to stand out and wow our audience however we will need to make sure not to be too different otherwise our audience may become uninterested.

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