Describe your Audience

Before making our music video, it is essential that we get a full understanding of our target audience. This is important as if we don’t mold our music video to fit and satisfy their likes, demographics and psycho graphics, then they will not accept or be interested in our media. The whole point of a music video is to promote the artist (in this case Colbie Caillat) and their song and to satisfy the consumers so that they are lead to buy the media. If we don’t encode the music video with the right kind of ideas, then our audience will not be willing to buy our media.

On the slides below, we have created a moodboard which describes our audience. It includes their demographics, psychographics, likes and dislikes.

From our research, we were able to conclude that our audience are mainly young female adults. The are positive and have self belief in their image and how they present themselves. They are very caring and family orientated and have strong morals which they like to share with others. Positive mental and physical health is important to them and they like to show their true self rather than hiding behind makeup and dressing to impress.

Now we have been able to identify our audience, we are now able to make sure that our music video satisfies them to be able to successfuly meet Blumler and Katz’s ‘uses and gratification theory’ (Information, Personal identity, Social interaction and Entertainment). To satisfy our audience, when we encode our media, we need to think back to the Stuart Hall ‘Reception theory’. This means considering the demographics, psycho graphics, their cultural competence and the reason for their consumption of the media for our audience to then be able to decode and engage with our music video.

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