“Production Meeting for Shoot 1 (Performance)”

Below is the production meeting agenda for our shoot for the the performance section.


The performance side of our music video is just as important as the narrative side. It runs parallel and is going to be intertwined with each other. They are also going to contrast each other with the message that they are showing. Whilst the narrative side of the music video is showing the importance of being your true self through uncovering a face full of makeup and letting your hair down to be free, the performance side shows the opposite. Our star will be getting dressed up and will be becoming trapped by the way in which she feels she must represent herself. This narrative represents how famous individuals and stars feel they must always dress to impress and how they don’t really get the chance to be themselves. As well as our artists costume, make up and hair to show this narrative, we will also be using two locations. A large open field will be used to show freedom and then the studio will be used to show the feeling of being trapped and isolated.

We aim to get as high quality footage as possible and use lots of different camera techniques. These will include long shots, mid shots, close ups, panning, tracking and more. We will also need to remember to take care when using the mirror prop as it can easily pick up the camera we will use which will not be good. Having lots of different types of shots will not only help to tell the narrative but they will also help to keep our audience engaged.

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