Design Skills 2

Whilst using Premier Pro, we have learnt many new techniques and skills to help add to our music video. Below are some examples and how we have used them to improve and positively impact our music video.



We used nesting when separating our narrative and performance shoots. Doing this enabled us to edit the pieces of video as a group rather than doing each clip individually. The enabled our clips to carry continuity throughout as the filters we created were then the same on multiple clips rather than trying to make each one the same. This allowed our video to flow more and be more pleasant to watch.


We found that using adjustment layers very useful. They enabled us to add as filter to multiple clips which enabled continuity and more flow to our film.


We found key framing our adjustment layers especially useful. We used them to make our filters opacity change throughout the music video. For example, at the start, the adjustment layer on our performance side was 0% however by the end it had increased to 100%. This opacity went up in stages using the key frames to show the build up of makeup and the Instagram look. On the narrative side, the key frame made the filter’s opacity to 100% at the beginning and decreased it in stages to 0% by the end. This helped to portray the message that you shouldn’t hide behind make up and hair and that being yourself brings the most happiness. We used the setting of ‘hold’ to the key frames to make them go up in steps rather than a gradual gradient. We did this to show more of a change to our audience.


We used theĀ  curves tool when editing the Instagram styled look. We mostly adjusted the blues in the dark areas to create the man made styled Instagram look. We also adjusted the saturation and contrast which helped to brighten the lighter areas and darken the shadows. This helped to create an edited look which helps to portray an Instagram filter. For the artist, the curves were adjusted at the highest level at the end when she is made up and the opposite for the girls; the curves were altered most at the beginning when they are most made up.

Overall whilst editing our music video, we have learnt many new skills and techniques which have enabled us to positively benefit our music video. We have learnt how to use adjustment layers, add effects and transitions to our clips, create a split screen, and much more. All of these techniques have helped to portray our narrative to our audience and help to keep them engaged and impacted by our message.

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