Digipack Draft 2

Below is the second draft of our digipak. If you click on it, you will be able to open it as a pdf.

Overall we are very pleased with this draft.

What we have improved:

  • We have made the title of our album slightly larger to make it more visually impacting.
  • We have changed the font of our artists name. We have changed it from the sans serif font to a script. We decided to do this to add some difference to the fonts used and it also connoted a handwritten and personal touch. This shows how much of an impact she as an artist wants to make as it is coming from her.
  • On the media page (inside right), we have altered the reds that have been pulled out. We have colour corrected them so they are all the same. This enables the continuity to be more present, making it not only more visually pleasing but it also shows a sense of flow and unity within the digipak.
  • On the back cover we have altered the song titles. We have changed the font slightly which creates the look of a magazine font a bit more and we have positioned it so the alignment is centered. We have also arranged the song lyrics so they are presenting an oval effect. This enables the songs to fit the hand much better enabling it to look more connected and part of the image behind. It now emphasizes her pushing the song lyrics towards the audience, building a connection.
  • We have added a copy right and positioned it to the right hand side. We have used a clear white serif font which stands out against the black background. We chose white as it is still clear but shows that it is not as important as other pieces of information as it is not in red.
  • We re positioned the record label logo to next to the copyright.

We then got some feedback on our draft 2. This enabled us to get a second opinion to see what someone else thought of the design. Below is a screen castify of their thoughts and I have done a summary of his likes and possible improvements to be made.

Teacher feedback:

  • The images used are very crisp, clear and engaging. The artists makes a good connection to the audience through her positioning and eye contact.
  • The colour scheme of the red, black and white is very powerful.
  • Likes the Autumn Miller font as it suggests her signature.
  • Possibly add more red to the front cover.
  • Change or play with the title font as it seems a bit flat.
  • The media collage is very powerful.
  • Possibly add more songs as conventionally there is usually at least 9 or 10.
  • Adjust the colour of the song titles to make it even more red. It matches however doesn’t look perfectly right.
  • Alter the capital letters used in the song titles.
  • Rotate the bar code so it is the same orientation as the copyright and record label.

Using the feedback, I have constructed a list of the things we now need to do. Making these corrections will enable the star image and narrative to be represented even more and also enable the digipak to show more continuity and fit the typical conventions even more. We need to:

  • Pull out the reds in the collaged background on the front cover to add even more reds. This will enable the colour scheme to show even more and represent even more power.
  • Play with the font of the title on the front to make it even more impacting and strong.
  • Add a couple more songs to enable the digipak to follow the typical conventions.
  • Make the h’s of “have” and “had” capitalized to show continuity and follow the typical literacy rules on an album.
  • Slightly adjust the colour of the font on the back to make it match slightly better. This will enable the continuity to be even more successful.
  • Rotate the bar code to make it follow the flow of the copy right and logo of the record label,

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