Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?



Question 2: So… How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

Below is a screen castify of how my media engages with my target audience and how I would go about distributing it. I have had to split the screen castify into two sections due to it going over the 5 minute limit. The first section talks about my target audience and the second about distribution.



Adverts are usually found in magazines. They will be fitted to interest the specific audience that is reading the magazine. My magazine is targeted at Generation Z’s, so I have found adverts that will interest them. Below are two of my favourites and the reasons why I have chosen to use them.

This poster advertises coke but also brings in the theme of music. I specifically chose this poster as Coke is one of the most iconic and recognizable logos. My audience will instantly notice and be interested in what is being advertised. I also chose this advert as my magazine is based on music so it can fit in. The advert is very fun and creative which links in with the style of pop music. It is colourful and busy, making the reader intrigued in what it is about.








This poster has been chosen as it is all about a music festival. My audience is reading my magazine to discover more about music and so this advert gives them even more information. It is very bright and colourful to attract and please their eyes and includes the very¬† famous and successful pop star; “Lewis Capaldi”. This will intrigue my audience even more as it will be someone they love and listen to.









A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

After receiving suggested improvements to make, I then did them. Below are the new and improved drafts of my magazine pages and the things which I changed.


  • I moved the masthead up. This then covered the plug so I then moved it to the top left corner. Lifting the masthead up enabled me to then make the cover image slightly larger.
  • I took the word “edition” out of “spring edition 2019” as less is more. I then increased the text size which enables the wording to be even more bold and easy to read.
  • I improved the cover lines quite a bit. I changed the colour of the font to pink so it could be read and I moved them up and into some empty space. This has enabled my audience to clearly read the information as the image is not making it hard to read anymore. This will hopefully entice them even more into picking up one of my magazines.
  • I have flipped my cover image, increased the size slightly and moved it to the right. This enabled space for my cover lines to go.
  • I moved the headline “Ruby” to the left and taken the bar code to the right. I did this due to the headline looking slightly odd on the left as all the other text was on the right. This improves the aesthetics of the magazine, hopefully pleasing my audiences eyes to pick a copy up.
  • I improved my pug by adding the repeating pink lines and giving it a background colour. I have also made it larger so that it can grab the reader and interest them.
  • I have changed my insert by making the colour of her jumper blue in photoshop. This has made it stand out from the cover image as they were originally wearing very similar colours. I have also made it into the shape of a rectangle with a second outline of a rectangle to follow the repeating lines effect. I have also taken the word “interview” out of the caption as less words to read is more enticing.


  • I have moved the entire page up slightly to take out the empty space across the top.
  • I have made my image slightly larger to catch the attention of readers even more.
  • I have added the social media icons to add more fun and images to look at. The icons are also notorious so readers will be drawn to go to our magazines pages.


  • I have added the donut to form the zero in ten. This adds lots of fun and excitement which fits in with feeling of pop.
  • I have increased the opacity of the colours of the shapes to make them brighter. This makes the colours fit better with my colour scheme and makes the page less dull.
  • I have added a yellow triangle behind the quote in the top left corner. This makes it link with the quote of the right hand page. It also allows the quote to pop, making it easier and more exciting to read.

The final adjustments that I will need to make to my magazine pages are:

  • Add some bevel and emboss to the caption on the front cover.
  • Add some gold/yellow on the contents page to link to the front cover.
  • Make Ruby’s caption larger.
  • Take the dots after the page numbers away.
  • Spelling of “exclusive” on the double page spread.

So… How is it going?

So far, I am very pleased with the way that my magazine is turning out. I have finished drafting my pages so to see the media coming together is great. The pages are working together in that they carry the same colour scheme and certain fonts and details and they are definitely portraying the genre of pop. This is being accomplished through my images, colours and layouts. Although I have drafted all of my pages, I do still have improvements to be made. For example, I could take the front cover star image and edit it even more to make it pop and small features such as line spacing need to be changed.

As well as composing a piece of media, I have also learnt many transferable skills such as:

  • Digital design skills: I have learnt how to use apps such as photoshop and Indesign to make my magazine. I will be able to use these skills in the future when editing photos or creating anything digitally.
  • Communication: I have communicated with my peers during photo shoots and when actually creating my media. This has been useful when looking for improvements as everyone has their own taste so getting feedback has been extremely beneficial.
  • Organisation: I have had to be very organised especially when planning and doing photoshoots. This skill is useful in all areas of life.

Design Skills 2

Throughout creating my magazine, I have continued to learn even more design skills that have positively impacted my magazine. These are shown below:

This is the colour theme tool which has allowed me to pick certain colours out of the images and use them in my magazine. This has allowed me to make my star seem built into the magazine and follow the genre. This has impacted my magazine in that it all looks clean and composed and that my star relates to the magazine. The genre of pop is expressed between the star and the magazine, creating interest for my target audience.

This is the drop shadow tool and has allowed me to create a three dimensional look. This has formed the idea of realism and creates a connection with the audience as my stars are not just part of the page. This reflects the idea that although the artists are extraordinary, they are also people like us.

This is a tool which has enabled me to wrap text around shapes and images. I mainly used this on my double page spread where the article wraps around Zoe and the quote which has been enlarged. This has impacted my magazine in that it has enabled the content to interlink and look well put together. It has enabled me to make certain objects (such as the image) larger and more intriguing and interesting for the reader but without losing lots of space for text.

Overall, I am very happy with how my magazine is going and I think that certain design techniques like this are benefiting massively. Although they are small details, they are building up together to positively impact telling my narrative and expressing the genre of pop.

Complete Magazine Draft

Below is the complete set of drafts of my front cover, contents page and double page spread.

I then received feedback on the magazine:

From the feedback given I can tell that what is successful is:

  • The masthead name and font
  • The details such as the lines (also that they are repeated throughout my pages)
  • The contents page title and page numbers and headings
  • Social media links
  • The colours in the image on the double page spread pop out from the black and white.

The parts that can be improved include:

  • Spacing of text: the mast head can be raised up as it starts quite low, the headlines can be lowered to make reading them easier, make the drop capital word on one line and bring the stand first lines of text closer together.
  • The pug can be improved on. I need to more is up slightly and possible add colour to the caption with it. I could possible use the two rings (like on the LHS) around the image which needs to be changed as both artists are wearing the same colour on the front. (maybe use a photo from my phone)
  • I could make the cover image pop even more by brightening it up in photoshop.
  • Possibly make Ruby even bigger on the contents page.
  • Make sure the page numbers used in the bottom corner are the same (one has a dot after it and the other does not.
  • I could add the social media icons.
  • I could use the doughnut and use it for the O’s in the title to add even more fun.
  • Make sure the green on the double page spread matches the one used throughout.
  • I could mirror the triangle with the quote in on the top left corner.
  • Make less space at the top of the contents page either by raising everything up or adding a banner of some sort.

A New Improved Contents Page

After receiving feedback on the first draft of my contents page, I was then ready to apply those suggested improvements. Below is my improved version and what I did to get to it from draft one.

Please click on the page to open it as a pdf.

The improvements that I made:

  • I filled the “contents” title in with a lighter pink so that there was less white on the page. This has added interest for the reader.
  • I have added an ellipsis after “contents” which draws the reader into looking further. It draws them in.
  • I have taken the dots after the numbers to allow them all to be centered and look more clean.
  • I have added a page number for the contents page in the bottom right hand corner.
  • I have made the image slightly larger and added a caption of who it is and what page you can find her on.
  • I have added green detail lines which link to the front cover. The green also adds an additional colour to break up all of the pink used. The green also fits in with the colour scheme. This additional detail creates more interest on the page as it becomes less plain and simplistic. It also reduces the amount of empty space with out the use of boring text.
  • I have added the social media links for the magazine. This enable the audience to connect with UP2DATE even more, creating more ways of social interaction, entertainment and social interaction (covering Blumler and Katz “uses and gratification” theory). I made this text smaller than the headlines as it is less important and have made it green so it links in but doesn’t stand out too much. It is at the bottom as this is the last place the readers eyes will go.

I then spoke to my peer about my contents page and how it works within my magazine.

This conversation was quite positive. I need to make sure that I continue making links throughout my pages, including colour schemes, fonts and details and that I am making it as interesting as possible for my audience.