Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Here is the first draft of our music video. Due to unfortunate events, we were unable to film the second performance shoot but because our test shoot was so successful, we decided to use that instead. We also used footage from our performance shoot in this edit.

Self Assessment:

Overall, I think that this draft of our music video went really well. My favorite part is the paparazzi moments. This is as the black and white edit and cutting speed, along with the transitions represent the idea of photographs being taken really well. This editing emphasizes the overarching theme of star image and how music artists are treated. That they are chased by paparazzi and are so unhappy with the lack of personal space. We used lots of different camera angles and editing techniques to keep the video exciting and engaging for the audience.


Although we were very happy with the draft, there are definately some improvements that can be made. For example at times, the lip syncing is not completely in time with the sound. We will improve this by going back and editing to the right time. We also have our narrative side of our shoot which we also need to film and edit in yet. This will break up the filming of the same artist to add even more interest for our audience. We also will look to see if we can find and add more transitions and editing techniques to add even more excitement for our audinece.


Complete Magazine Draft

Below is the complete set of drafts of my front cover, contents page and double page spread.

I then received feedback on the magazine:

From the feedback given I can tell that what is successful is:

  • The masthead name and font
  • The details such as the lines (also that they are repeated throughout my pages)
  • The contents page title and page numbers and headings
  • Social media links
  • The colours in the image on the double page spread pop out from the black and white.

The parts that can be improved include:

  • Spacing of text: the mast head can be raised up as it starts quite low, the headlines can be lowered to make reading them easier, make the drop capital word on one line and bring the stand first lines of text closer together.
  • The pug can be improved on. I need to more is up slightly and possible add colour to the caption with it. I could possible use the two rings (like on the LHS) around the image which needs to be changed as both artists are wearing the same colour on the front. (maybe use a photo from my phone)
  • I could make the cover image pop even more by brightening it up in photoshop.
  • Possibly make Ruby even bigger on the contents page.
  • Make sure the page numbers used in the bottom corner are the same (one has a dot after it and the other does not.
  • I could add the social media icons.
  • I could use the doughnut and use it for the O’s in the title to add even more fun.
  • Make sure the green on the double page spread matches the one used throughout.
  • I could mirror the triangle with the quote in on the top left corner.
  • Make less space at the top of the contents page either by raising everything up or adding a banner of some sort.

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