Print media that communicates meaning

For a few lessons we were exploring colours, fonts, images and their connotations, and effects on the audience. We discussed several album covers collectively, before we were issued with a task to analyse an album cover by our self and write the effects on the audience. We can analyse anything on the cover, even the advertising, as even that has an effect on the audience. This was a quite an important task, as not only it helped to give a foundation to our analytical skills, but as well it gives an idea of what these factors (fonts, colours, imagery etc.) has effect on any media text. As we are going to make our own magazine, a media text, this task helped me to take in consideration of the subtle effects of several factors. For example, “With no soft, welcoming colours, I doubt the songs are going to be upbeat, more along the lines of heavy rock.”

I think was successful in decoding the album cover, I listened to the album after this task and I was correct in many aspects. “Reason is Treason” is a rock hard anti-establishment song with a music video swelled full of stock footage of violence and general anarchy. “L.S.F” was about a prison, so I think I was right with my assumption of the acronym having a link with the law.

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