The Camera Talks

Before we start to producing our magazine, we’re going have to take photographs of pretend stars, and even before that, we’re going to learn how to construct images which give a some sort of feeling or story, in order to communicate a message about that photographed star. As we learned the basics as stated in the previous post, its time to further cement our understanding. With the photographs we have taken, we have been tasked to describe the technical terms of each photograph, and describe the effect they have, and what story or message they communicate. This because the photographs were are going to take of our music stars are going to need to communicate several ideas about that star in order to create a star image, so this is practice for it. We are also been tasked to give appropirate hashtags to describe the mood. I have no idea how these hashtags work, since I’m an anomaly and don’t use social media, so if the hashtags are being used incorrectly, I’m warning you now. Also, since we’re set loose in a limited environment, expect recurring themes such as isolation.

Due to some unforeseen technical problems, I’ve been reduced to using Google Slides instead of the recommended moodboard websites.

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