Lick and Stick Mock-Up

To further fortify our understanding of magazine covers, we were tasked to choose a front cover, sketch it terribly and label it using sticky notes, known as the “Lick and Stick Mock-Up”.

The original












Our “Lick and Stick” Mock-Up

Whats to note here is that not all the features of a magazine are present on each cover, as exemplar above, there’s no insets, nor is the sketch filled with sticky notes compared to other pairs’ results. I speculate this is because overloading the cover with pictures and captions will backfire and make it look like a total mess and look unappealing. I suppose whether or not to do this is to advertise visually, or to have a refined cover to make it look prestige with the emphasis on one feature of the current issue. This in turn will make the magazine to be of much more value to certain customers. This depends on the demographics and psycho-graphics of the audience. I’ll keep this in mind.


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