My Tour Poster

Before the end of the first half term, we were set to design a tour poster, putting all our skills to the test. As expected of a tour poster, there must be the features; name of artist and tour, date and venues and other information like ticket prices etc. Before we set off, we had to have a brainstorm and research the genre and its album covers. After a brainstorm about my genre, hip hop, I set out to make it.

Overall, I think I done a few things well, but now looking at it now there are glaring problems with the poster.  It fails to achieve AIDA, I don’t think it catches a lot of attention, its quite dull with the grey background. I tried to aim for an urban background in relation for the hip hop conventions, but it certainly backfired. It gives a more gloomy mood then an angry and active mood.  I should have aimed for a contrasting background, that would have made it more exciting and overall better to look at, which would have caught attention much better. I find the typeface to be somewhat appropriate, its bold, san ceriph and informal, however, the typeface of name of the artist could have been better, its somewhat retro than urban. It should have been a graffiti typeface, that’s more appropriate for the hip hop genre, this would have communicated the idea of hip hop and rebelliousness. The red colour that is typical of the genre, does feel out of place with the grey background. It does not even contrast that well, due to its size it is swallowed up by the background. Instead of communicating excitement, it feels out of place, as if it was from out of much more vivid tour poster.

The main image does not go well with the grey background, with the only saving grace is the golden glove contrasting against everything else, thus making the focus of the image. The rude and aggressive gesture just screams hip hop. I tried to aim for a contrast between the main cover star and the background, but I failed in that aspect, as the cover star is mostly composed of the colour  grey. Now thinking about it, it would have been better if the main image just an enlarged center with the unnecessary bits cropped out, with much more focus on the glove. It still would communicate aggressiveness, bling as much as the original image but with less grey and a bigger focus. It would be certainly a much more interesting image to look at.

The layout of the image is conventional, it works, but it is certainly not imaginative. The one thing I have done well is the distance between the words. For example, at the date listings, the words are much closer together, this makes it much easier to read the listings as the audience is not trying to identify whether the below or above word is paired up with. I’ve got a conjuncture that by having the copy following the shape of the image, it would have certainly made it look more imaginative.

I can’t believe I forgot to add in “Parental Advisory Explicit Content”, that a necessity when it comes to the hip hop genre.

With all of that in mind, I can definitely set same targets. I think the reason why I done many bad mistake is that I had less time then everyone else as I had to leave the island and miss two lessons. If I had taken a bit slower and avoid rushing, I would avoid doing less rash mistakes.

  • AIDA
  • Avoid too much of one colour
  • If possible, avoid conventions as they’re unimaginative
  • Include only the necessary parts of the photograph
  •  Criticise the work as I work along, these would solve a lot of issues
  • Avoid rushing

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