Article Idea Development

It is time to prepare to write the article.

We had access to a helpful preparation document. I address the most important parts right below.

In summary, I had to┬áconsider several factors which would determine the nature of the article. Factors include, the audience, the actual content and structure, the needs and wants of the audience according to Blummer and Kartz, discussion topics, genre of the magazine, etc. I thought about the content of the article, and how to incorporated the aforementioned things, and I concluded with the idea of an inspiring Russian artist trying to change the world via the power of music. Here’s how it went.

The main theme for discussion is the problems of the world. For the past few years, many things has have happened that the divided public opinion and caused huge general outrage. The US election, Brexit are just a few to name. Its easy to say that the media spent being outraged at one thing, before the story got old, before a new story was found to feel outraged about. In general, there’s a huge outrage over things, although general discontent is normal throughout generations, we have come to a peak recently. Therefore it is easy to discuss ways on how to fix these problems, although it is harder to find a solution. The article will be about an Soviet idealist young Russian who grew up in some backwater village and discovers the horrors of modern life. He’ll label the obvious problems in a Soviet perspective before offering one way to fix it, via emphatic power of music.

I must consider the language being used. As its for the common man, I’ll have to avoid technical vocabulary I’m prone to add during the process of creative writing, otherwise I’m going to distance myself from the target audience.

I also considered to end paragraphs with something which would persuade readers to continue reading onto the next paragraph, like a leading question.

In relation to Blumler and Katz’s theory, the following needs will be address:

  • Personal Identity: Soviet theme and general anger
  • Social Interaction: Discussion of social issues, hopefully makes the reader think about issues mentioned, and therefore talk to others about it
  • Entertainment: Writing, and criticism of the issues to be amusing
  • Education: Highlights current issues

One more important thing is to remember of the mark scheme’s needs, that is successful integration of text and image. In this context, I’ll have to make sure the article reflects the design, and the design reflects the article.

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