Draft 5, Teacher feedback and final targets

We are quickly approaching the looming deadline. Our teacher assessed and gave us feedback for our work one last time, before we hand it in. But first, here’s the penultimate drafts in order.

Front Page

Contents Page

Double Page Spread

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets

In summary, I have done well, but there are few things to do to improve my grade.

  • I need to proof read my pages thoroughly. There are few spelling (I wrote “Finish” rather then “Finnish”) and grammar mistakes, and some of the writing can be improved, especially on the contents page, and the main article.
  • I need to finish redrafting the article before the submission date. This will probably result in me moving the text boxes in the double page spread.
  • The fonts on the contents page need to be changed, they communicate the wrong message. The contents page fonts are either too bubbly such as “Venla”, or too formal, such as the contents page.
  • I should enhance the main image on the contents page, as its lacking in colour compared to other images. I’ve been advised to increase the saturation to bring out more colour. I’ll try that.
  • The cover lines on the front cover page are unimaginative, they look like they have been slapped on. I should try to spice it up somehow. I’ll look at professional magazine for inspiration.
  • The barcode in the front cover page does not work with one of the cover lines right next to it. I should get rid of that cover line, and leave the barcode as it should be.
  • Include some bylines.

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