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We have been asked to add another page to our music magazine, which is going to be a full page advert. The reason for this is mostly a technical reason, as our magazines are going to be now exported from a devoted program, and for to it to work, we require a page between the cover and contents. While it won’t give any marks, its useful to ponder what advertisement to put, as advertisements will be targeted towards specific audiences in mind. This will show our understanding of the audience. As my audience is a balance between young (who favour contemporary) and older males (who prefer older rock, such as AC/DC) with a mix of sport, entertainment, and building industry with both of the age gaps being of left wing disposition, it will be harder to choose a product that will pique their combined interests. So instead I’ll probably choose an advertisement that will cater to only one of the demographics. Realistically, the magazine would have space for different kind of advertisements to target different audience subgroups, so I don’t think I’ll miss out on much. I think I’ll do a Nike advertisement with a heavy focus on a sport sponsorship, as sport is was common aspect of the many different kinds of fans. I also considered using Red Bull as well, since a part of the target audience are likely to ingest it and Red Bull’s brand image is in line with their psycho graphics.

I’ve been also asked to add an advertisement for band in the magazine, this will further showcase my knowledge about the target audience. I decided to go with Kasabian, as they a quite vigorous band.



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