So How Did it Go?

I made huge strides during this period of time. When I started out, I knew little about the design process, and any major InDesign skills. I like to compare my first draft of the cover to the final design as visual indicator of my progress in skills.


As you can see, major improvements have been made. From a horrible mess of colours, image quality and typeface, these things have been improved considerably. The colour swatch has been consolidated, the image has been increased in size, the masthead and the typeface are much more bolder and have a greater chance of catching attention. Looking it back now, I find impossible to believe that I could have made something of that low quality. With this in mind, I can say with certainty I have made huge progress in the design process.

I think one way this could have gone better if I established a clear goal at the start, I choose a hard genre to define, the alternative music genre, due to the multiple sub genres, it would have been hard to establish a brand. Thanks to my rampant and stubborn Russophillia, I made a star who’s image was quite opposite to the established genre. I should have spotted this much earlier. Thankfully, I easily switched to rock genre and avoided further confusion. I suppose this is a lesson in having a clear, practical goal in mind before going out and making a product. I should keep this mind for the next project I do.

For future coursework, I should get into grips with any new software and program faster by practice, and research extensively on design tips. Messing around with options and hoping for miracle is not going to work.

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