CCR2 So… How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

For this question, we explore our target audience, the reason on why they would buy it and how it would be distributed. Will it be an online publication or a combination of both physical and digital? How will it earn its revenue? These were the type of questions we had to consider.

Instead of writing a boring essay, the tutors came up with the idea of presenting our work as a Dragons Den mock up, where we would record our answers. The reasons for was to avoid monotony of doing boring essay work, and help us introduce ourselves to WeVideo. As in the next course we will be making a music video, getting used to video editing software is critical early on is a great boon. Below is the video, be warned, its nothing professional. I also have linked my script below as some might find my accent confusing to follow.

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