Digipak Convention Analysis

As the next project is to design a digipak, so obviously we learnt about conventions (such as barcodes and record labels) and then tasked to analyse a digipak in order to give us some ideas what our conventions our chosen genre has. I chose Kasabian’s West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum to analyse, and there’s a lot going on. Its overall theme is the subversion of society’s demand”s and judgements in order to reflect about yourself. I got this interpretation from the fact that the mise-en-scene is set in the Victorian era, where society’s demands and expectations outweighed the individual’s freedom. Despite the outlandish presentation, its easy to recognise that the album is from the indie rock genre. Its intimidating, loud, subtly aggressive and presented in a real creative way. Subverting and rebelling against authority and society’s demand’s is present here thanks to the conflicting characters present here, such as an occult yet Christian priest. Subversion and rebellion are common themes present in the indie rock genre, so a customer has an easy time identifying what genre this digipak is from. Being outlandish and artistic is too a convention of indie rock, which this digipak succeeded at being.  

Below is the more in depth analysis I’ve made.


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