Digipak Moodboard

With a broad idea of what to aim for, its time to brainstorm of what the digipak is going to look like. Following the strategies we have described, we tried to visualize the themes and imagery that we expect that are going to appear using two moodboards, a digital one and a physical one. There’s a few consistent imagery we have visualized, waves crashing on rocks, industrial ports, downtrodden objects and some form of cheekiness.

Waves crashing on rocks has several connotations. Unbridled energy, fury, nature crashing down on a harsh, unsympathetic hard wedged rock. The columns of hard rock could represent many things, a harsh, established authority or society. As everyone who has done GSCE Geography, the waves will eventually break down down the rock due to hydraulic action. This sort of imagery (an oppressive authority breaking down) fits well with the conventions of indie rock and the target audience’s demands.

In our physical moodboard, we threw in some images of tattered sofas, boats and broken glass bottles, generalĀ  these represent the ordinary life that the gang had, as according to our marketing strategy the band has strong roots in their city of Hull. As we got to present the band as extra ordinary and yet ordinary, this set of imagery will help to cement the ordinary of the band. We also hope the random inclusion of some of these objects will be see comedic, in order to represent the cheeky nature of the band, which will satisfy the demands of our target audience.

As its an indie rock genre, the band such not be present on the digipak because of conventions. We had the idea of presenting the band in a more abstract way, such as buttons as shown by the physical moodboard. At this time we the buttons don’t represent anything but the bands, maybe in the future we’ll use objects to represent the band while still communicating an idea.

We also thought about the title of the band and how it’ll look like, as it communicates ideas about the band. Being a indie rock band, we looked for bold yet somewhat degrading and/or wild (representing the industrial port and wild nature of the band/genre respectively). We didn’t go for a wave-like font as the available fonts didn’t look as bold as the others and we’re trying to create a band title that will be used consistently, no matter the theme of the album.

The piece of fur is supposed to represent the bands masculinity, as animal ferocity is recognised as a connotation.

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