Digipak Photo Mock-up

Before we commit to taking photographs that might turn out to look terrible on the digipak, we were tasked to make mock-ups of what we have in mind by using third-party imagery, in order to check whether our ideas will look good on digipaks. In order to make sure that we’re not going off on a tangent and making a digipak completely different to our genre, we were also tasked to go around asking fellow students which genre does our mockup looks like it’s from. We have been also tasked to ask what emotions are being invoked from the digipak. Below is our mock-up.

I would say we diverted a bit, its certainly less industrial and dirty, but we made much more artsy, which is a convention of the indie rock genre while still retaining some of the ordinary aspects of the band. We found the our original ideas of waves and industry clashing together to be too difficult to take photographs, this new route is much more suited to our skill sets and the indie rock genre. We amplified the cheekiness and banter of the band by using more absurd imagery, such as the band having pet rocks and the bands protesting about the rights of rocks while they’re sprayed by water. On the second inside cover, a photograph of a man spouting water onto the rioting activists, suggesting that maybe these outrages are constructed. This sort of imagery shows them as socially and morally aware, while having some cheek. The violent waters and raging activists should give connotations of wild energy, a trademark of indie rock. On the back, an abstract outline of one the band members is bashing his head against a brick wall, with imagery of the modern’s man (actually its the C2D audience) needs, again this gives the idea that the band is artistic and aware. We have the band present as ordinary and extra-ordinary.


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