Feedback on Mock-Up and Targets

We then set out to ask our fellow students to guess which genre our digipak looks like it came from. The majority (17) had concluded its from the indie rock genre, so we’re definitely doing something right. Some have the the second biggest majority (3) had voted pop punk, so there’s still room for improvement. The reason for this is we think is the the black and white colour palette and the typeface of the band’s title, which is quite like graffiti, which is convention of the pop punk genre. As stated before, the typeface is a placeholder as we can’t use the typeface we want. Another reason is that the imagery has a lot of connotations similar of the punk genre. There’s rioting about society, hard and brittle wall and an image of an abstract shape of  man’s head filled with basic consumer needs bashing his head against a wall. These would explain the votes on pop punk. As we got to make sure that the digipak conforms to the correct audience by representing the correct genre, I think we have to do tone down some of the rebellious imagery, as some described the digipak as “questioning social norms”, as representing by the rioting and man bashing his head.

Another thing that people have commented on is the contrasting music tracks. There’s some with obvious religious denotations (“Heaven”, “Symphony” and “Baptism in Fire”), one is political themed (such as “Austerity”)  and two of them are terms straight from a Geography GSCE book (“Abrasion” and “Hydraulic Action”). The themes are all over the place, this would certainly give confusion to the audience. We should really consolidate a consistent theme in the titles of the music tracks.

In terms of positive feedback, many of the terms they used to describe the emotions and feel of the digipak are the things we aimed for. Some called it “cheeky”, “witty” and “amusing” ,two groups actually laughed when they viewed the second page! So we are doing alright with the cheek factor, so we should keep the current content. People also described it as “energetic” “dramatic”, “different” and “rebellious”, again things we aimed for, so should retain the water and the activists.

However, people described with things we certainly not aiming for. “Grungy”, “edgy” “brainwashed” and “dystopian” are prime examples. The reason for these words is the overall colour scheme, 3/4 of pages are in black and white. As the indie rock genre is not recognised for such things, we should brighten it up in terms of colour.


  • Consolidate a consistent theme in the names of the music tracks
  • Add much more colour, its too “dystopian”
  • Cut down a bit on some of the rebellious imagery, make looks like its from the punk genre


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