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Now that we have taken some photographs in our various shoots, its time to evaluate on how well we have done them.

Above is our first shoot, we aimed to create the front cover and hopefully some for the other pages and maybe for the website. Overall, the shoot was a success in its aims, we experimented with many angles, framing and actor’s positions. We got our actors to bring a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes, we brought the ties and rocks for them. By wearing the same clothes, it would show their unity as a band. If this wasn’t mentioned before, the purpose of the rocks is to construct a running subtext; that people are worshiping, paying too much attention to worthless things. We felt this was a subtle way of protesting about the society, both which are conventions of indie rock.

We also tried to replicate the bending over the bench, however the actors weren’t flexible enough, and the bench was appropriate to bend around it.

Although most of the photographs are pretty good, there have been some mistakes. As mis-en-scene is important for such as genre and with subtle subtexts, we overlooked the background, leading to some shots having a bicycle in the background, damaging the fragile balance of the mis-en-scene. We can edit them out, although that’s time wasted doing some polishing.

In the next photo shoot, we aimed to take photographs of angry protesters. This time we aimed for a low angle, a depth of field present, photograph showcasing the unspent anger which contrasts against the absurdity of it. Who protests about rocks? This shot would have continued the theme of society protesting and wasting their time about worthless things. We had some trouble getting the lighting correct, but we managed to get in the end. We also tried to attempt a unique shot were the camera was placed on the ground, with the angry protesters towering over it with their signs. This would maximize their unspent anger and power. Overall, the aim of the shoot was successful.

In the third shoot, we decided to redo the first shoot as we changed our ideas a bit, and we bumped up the absurdity even more. This time the actors were nothing except trousers and shoes and performed “body art”, creating shapes using their bodies. We managed to do the bending over we tried to replicate originally, and then later we got them to lay on top of each other. We also experimented with cups as well, we recreated the saying “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. This is shoot was personally my favorite as the photographs is quite unique, I’m pretty this hasn’t been replicated at all (in this school anyway).


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