Evaluation of Shoot

Now that all of the photo shoots have been done, we have the time to reflect upon on what went well and we can improve the next time we do photo shoot, either in education, work or as a hobby.

Overall, the most of the photographs did succeed in achieving the objectives that were set out at the time, however we made a few changes to our design of our digipak, leaving some of the shots useless and wastage. For example, the photographs of our first shoot we are not likely going to use them, as we’re no longer having men in formal white t-shirts anymore, its not as cheeky has half naked men posing on a bench.The intended lesson here is to have a clear image of what you’re going to photograph, and don’t just only experiment with a variety of angles and framing but with content as well. If we experimented with the shirts off at the first shoot then at the third shoot, we would have saved a week for more editing.

We also did not have shot list as well, all we had was a vague ideas of what we needed, a shot of 3 people on a bench holding pet rock in their hands with some different angles and framing being experimented very know and then. Thinking about it know if we had a concise shot list with us, we could have avoided the problem of noting a clear idea of what we wanted, as planning a shot list would have easily allowed us to visualise how the image would have turned out on the digipak. If we had done this, I think we have also saved us some time.

Despite the early shoots considered useless, its possible to salvage some of the images too, while we cannot use them in the digipak, we can use to them in the website, especially one with the rock pets.

In terms of good individual photographs there some good examples were have produced.

This one is quite artistic it is content, its unique, making it easy for a brand to be identified with this.

Due the rocks, there’s a feeling of absurdity and cheekiness being emitted from it, which the band is trying to be. The colour can also be praised too, the rocks are the most brightest thing against a drab backdrop. As rock are supposed to be synonymous with the band, this will represent the band as colourful in a world of grey, dull colours.People can also interpet this as rocks being restrained by bars, this hints that the band is rebellious and wild. Its also pleasing to eye, there’s frames within frames. If this was flipped/rotated around, its possible to line up music tracks with the bars, making it a creative use of music track presentation.

Simply put this one communicates the three common features of the band, which are unity, absurdity and cheekiness.

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