Evaluation of website design application

For our website production process, I have used the website editor Wix application and thus learnt a few skills while using it. Although a bit different from most of the software I have used so far, it has many similarities present in Photoshop, InDesign and Word. It has a mixture of those features present in the aforementioned software, such as changing font, placement of images and layout tools. Thanks to past experience with these kind of features, there wasn’t not much to learn, although, it did have a few features that I had to get accustomed to.

One feature that Wix has that other pieces of software don’t have is the animation tool.

With this its possible to animate any feature of the website, from simple images to the navigation bar, you have access to a lot of different ways of animating, from objects materializing at of thin air to them swooping in.

Although it does not look nice, we had to consider the effects on the website and star image. Using animations such as the one materializing would mean give a mysterious, enigmatic vibe, while a one that swooshes in from the outside would get the feel of energy. As our band is energetic, we went with the latter one, especially with the “puff in”, it would give the band image of being in front of the face, after all they want to tackle social issues.

We made sure we didn’t over do it though, as having every little thing flying and whooshing in all over the place would be distracting, and some of the instances would be inappropriate. For example, the main picture of the album,which contains an image of the band, will paint the band as energetic and in your face. However, applying that same animation to serious things such as tour dates and buying for merchandise would make the audience doubt whether they buying from a professional website, this in turn would damage the extra ordinary aspect of the band, which is crucial for the star image.

One neat thing I’ve learnt is that Wix comes with an user friendly merchandise page creation tool, where we can easily implement merchandise to sell without spending hours learning how to apply buttons and link those to checkout pages, etc.

With these tool, it was possible to create and host merchandise, which we hope will ampify the star image of the band. Sure, it does have a few conventional products, such as the album and a “pet rock” which is like a collectible figure, but one product is a joke product, as in does not exist but serves as the bands personal statement.

Everyone knows that “invisible shirts” don’t exist (we hope), so no one will buy them (unless they want to support the band), but will see it as statement about contemporary consumerism, people buy intrinsic worthless things. This should fortify the bands image as a rebellious and socially conscious, thus further convincing the audience that the band will appeal to their needs and expected genre conventions. Also this further reinforces the ordinary and extra ordinary image of the band at the same time, ordinary because they have some cheek, extra ordinary due to them voicing concerns about society.

We these new skills learnt I hope that I can design a successful website that can present the band in the right light in order to appeal a core demographic, and hopefully help to generate a revenue.

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