Digipak Draft 2

Following the feedback from our teacher, we have made some changes.

As you can see, we made slight changes to the front and back, while we replaced the inside pictures altogether. The changes we have done:

  • We added a white-grey gradient border on the front, it helps to break the monotony of the background.
  • We managed to add the spines.
  • We changed the font of the music tracks to make it more bold, another convention. We also right-aligned the text, this looks much better then just floating out and about.
  • Copyright rights have been put in.
  • The back image of the band has been slightly edited, the overall colour scheme is now the same as the front image.
  • We have changed the inside images to reflect the themes better. A distorted collage of signs expresses energy much better then signs being still. Rocks being stuck behind bars has connotations of jail, being simply stuck. It gives the idea that the band is protesting about such things.

We feel we close to finishing, but the second inside cover is a bit bland, the other pages a quite bold, providing absurd imagery. Being a collage of protest signs, its quite dull. We have an idea to improve it though, we’re going to try to make some of the protest text bold and have an impact.

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