Web Page Draft One and the Final Draft

We have completed our first draft of our website, so far its very conventional, it has tour dates, media, biographies, merchandise and convergent social media links. We also tried to follow the Uses and Gratifications, Entertainment, Information, Personal Identity and Social Interaction in order to create an effective website, this was done by adding the aforementioned conventions. As per conventions, the website general follows the style of the latest album that has been released. Expect to see rocks, black and white and bold fonts. As social media links being part of the navigation bar, there are present on each web page, so the social interaction need is fulfilled on each page. There are some photographs of the first draft of the website right below.

First page, the music video is above the fold while the mission statement is below the fold. We have the music video out on front, its a convention as it allows the audience to quickly release if its in their preferred genre of music. The mission statement would fortify what genre it is.

The “Band” page, which is a biography section. We used a bit of green in our photographs in order to break up the imposed monotony, its a subtle act of rebellion, a convention of indie rock. We made sure that we used language appropriate to genre and the middle aged energetic audience. This page helps to fulfill the information, entertainment and social identity needs, this done by the unique style present.

A typical tour date page is present. It fulfills the information need. Nothing much else to say.

The Media Page which splits of into a “Photos” subsection, which has photographs with some fitting descriptions. The first page has links to Spotify and the music video below the fold. Again, needs such as entertainment, information and personal identity.

Following conventions, we managed to add a merchandise page which we hope would amplify the band’s image as cheeky and questioning society. This done by the fact some of the merchandise, such as “invisible shirts”, don’t really exist. Fans would see this as a joke, and some more keen ones would understand it as a statement about our consumer society, we have a tendency to buy intrinsic worthless objects. Both interpretations would help to create a brand image that the fans can use a part of their personal identity. Other then that, the information aspect is fulfilled.

Looking at our website critically, one major problem is that the font and display is all over the place. Some of the text you can’t read, especially on the merchandise page when you select a product, and the font is not consistent. The layout could be improved, sometimes there’s too much space or too little, and some of the objects need to be reorganised, maybe a picture of the digipak on the front page instead of the video, it’ll present the band much faster. The website is also lacking website features such as animation. We should add some at the very least.

Our teacher had send us some feedback on the first draft.

  • News stories on a news page?
  • Watch the order of the pages in the menu…contact would normally come at the end?
  • More merchandise?
  • Previous albums x 3 that link to music?
  • Introduce the video and DP and include more of the DP art?
  • Rocks might need even more introducing somewhere as random pebble art although I like the introduction of Sediment.
  • Love the green…why not have it in the title of the page high up?
  • Top page thumbnail of the album is squashed.
  • Centre opening page copy as you have done with the band biographies.

Although good suggestions, some of them are unreasonable for the time restraints we have, writing out several stories would take up some time. We can’t add other albums, its the band’s debut after all.

From form our self analysis and feedback, our main targets for improvement are:

  • Move up the digipak the above the fold in the front webpage
  • Improve the merchandise page
  • Reorganise the navigation bar, the contact at the back
  • Include more images for album art.
  • Add some animation
  • Consistent font
  • Reorgnise the display

After implementing the suggested changes, we think we’re ready for the final draft.

The front page, with the digipak is now above the fold, we feel it presents the better overhaul, as it presents their cheeky side, while the music video below the fold will present their serious side. The general font fits now along with the rest of the website. Animation is now present throughout, the digipak swooshes in. This will present the band as energetic.

Not much has changed in the bio page.

There are much more tour dates now available.

The media page now goes to a center media page, which splits into “Music Videos” and “Photos”, this would make it easier to navigate. The font now follows the style of the website, black and bold.

The navigate bar has been reorganized to follow conventions, the contacts page is nearer the back. We also added a media page

The display of the merchandise has changed substantially, we changed the font and changed the colour of the shapes to be in line with the websites style, its now possible to read the font.


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