Music Video Draft 4

Following the feedback we have received, we have implemented some changes:

  • Shots during the flashback have now vignettes on the edge and are more bluish
  • We added blood on Nic’s (one of the prisoners) torso when his body is laying on the ground
  • We cut down on footage, the video is now on line with the audio
  • Added some jump cuts
  • Edit is in line with the audio. The second chorus is much more fast paced and follows the beat
  • Added some match on action, like when the third prisoner is kicked down to the ground it zooms in
  • Added some CUs of the main star

As we cut down on footage and made the editing in line with the second chorus, we found we’re missing 3 shots, which are noted in the video. We’ll film these by the time of the final draft.

We showed the newest clip to multiple people and have received some verbal and some screencatify feedback.

The feedback we got from them and others range from:

  • Even more CUs of Luca
  • Some could not recognize that this is an achronological narrative, due to the flashbacks. Thus they could not understand that why the difference in colour between scenes.
  • Get some of the jump cuts to be in line with the beat.

With this in mind, we have some targets.

  • Make the flashbacks even more obvious. We’re thinking of turning the flashbacks to black and white, or add a title saying “Earlier that Day”, one of those to make it make more obvious.
  • We think we can insert just one more CU of Luca around the beginning.
  • We also had a sudden idea of implementing ghostly images of the first two prisoners during POV shots when Luca is staring at Matthieu at the firing range. This is suppose to represent him remembering about his actions earlier on, resulting him not shooting Matthieu.


Music Video Draft 3

Here’s our latest video. Our changes from the last:

  • We finally have all the footage, there’s a new intro which we hope it will explain better the narrative.
  • There’s a new escape footage, which looks less silly and more logical.
  • There’s a few more reactions and eye line matches peppered around the video, which will hopefully explain the character’s intentions much better. For example, there’s shot of the main character reacting to the rough handling of a prisoner.
  • We added a new effect of transition the dip to white. We used it to illustrate when the flashbacks take place and when they return back to the present.
  • There’s also some dip to black for scene transitions and POV shots.
  • We cut down on redundant footage. We still have 15 secs left to cut, but I feel we still can find unnecessary footage.
  • We added one extra shot near the end, where the two other squad members look at each other, implying that they might not shoot the main star in the end. The video ends on a cliffhanger, potentially suggesting that by the actions of the main star, he affected the thinking of the other two.
  • We attempted to smooth out the edits.

However this time we have received feedback from our peers on the YouTube comment section. Here’s what they said below:

Targets for improvement:

  • More effects to make it more interesting (maybe a layer of effects on the flashback to differentiate from the present)
  • Include more jump cuts and have the cutting speed more in line with the speed of the audio, such as the two chorus
  • Even more CUs of Lucca
  • Try to put blood on Nic for continuity
  • Try to include some match on action in order to create more suspense
  • Get rid of unnecessary footage so that the footage is not longer the audio


New Storyboard/PMA

Since we chance our narrative to make it more understandable and easier to understand the main character’s actions by changing the liner narrative to an achronological narrative, we had to to also change our storyboard to help sure we plan our video appropriately. We have two two flashback sequences  There’s also less shots in order to fit the story into the audio.

Here’s our production meeting agendas for the last two shoots.

Hover the mouse over the document and use the mouse wheel to scroll down/up the document.


Feedback from Teacher

Our tutor has given us feedback from our latest draft and has given us an idea where to focus on for our next draft. The things he suggest us to focus on are:

  • Better POV blindfold shots
  • Reverse shots and eye line matches (e.g one of the main star looking at a dead body, looking at his rifle)
  • Colour correct and add flashback effects to the clips
  • Reaction shots of the main star peppered round from beginning to end (when putting the blindfold on, when the prisoners are getting handled roughly) in order to to establish the justification on why he deserts
  • Establish a better connection between the main star and the last prisoner (more reverse shot between them, like when the blindfold is being put on, and right before the fire order)
  • Change the escape scene (main star just simply runs away, with the two other squad members spotting him)
  • Add a few transitions (perhaps when the main star gets captured to show the passage of time)
  • Finesse the special effects

Our targets for the next draft are all the above as I agree these are the things that will improve the video overall. One thing we’ll add is to get a reaction shot of the two other squad members hesitating and turning to at each other before shooting the main star. This will hint that the main star’s sacrifice had an effect on the two, and it also leaves an ambiguous ending, as the video will end before the audience will see the fate of the main star. This will certainly make our video more memorable.



Music Video – Draft 2

After listening to the previous feedback, we come up with another draft with new clips from the latest draft.

The changes we have done here are;

  • After doing another shoot which add in a more reaction shots (such as Lucca being horrified at the damage he’s caused), we attempted to add music, a wider array of shot composition, B movie grade blood effects in order to improve our music video overall.
  •  There’s one huge major change to the narrative, we have changed the narrative a bit after some feedback from our tutor. His view was that the reasoning behind the main stars actions aren’t explained and justified well. To fix this, we come up a change in our narrative. Instead of a linear chronological order, there will be flashbacks, which they would construct the justification of the main stars actions later on. By being haunted with his memories, it shows his regrets and internal struggle. This much better then relying on a startled Lucca waking up suddenly, which hints vaguely at his internal struggles due to the inability to sleep well. The new change is better story telling visually. The narrative will be more in line with the audio as with a reason to add the prisoners death in the middle, as they’re flashbacks. I prefer the narrative change as its going to shift clips around as we’re no longer doing a linear narrative.
  • This time we experimented in adding blood squibs to make the overall thing dramatic, as one of the aims of our music video is to subvert the trend of students doing romantic, love songs. Its quite cheesy, its a first try after all.
  •  Another special effect we’re going to attempt is to add special effects to signify that it is a flashback and in the past. There’s an expert coming to school next week, so we’ll ask for help from him on ways to improve.

Several problems still exist here.

  •  We’re still missing the first few shots of the first scenes, we’re going to shoot them next.
  • The video is longer then the audio again, we did cut down a bit, however we’re going to avoid huge cuts until we got all the footage as its silly cutting down footage without all the footage available. I think we’ll end up at doing several jump cuts as there are a few prolonged shots of people walking.
  •  Some of the cuts and transitions need smoothing out.
  • We did attempt, as practice, to get the first chorus visualized, such as when the audio goes to the chorus.The editing speed is much faster to fit the change in tempo, although the cuts are bit rough.
  •  Even with the new footage for the escape sequence, its a bit silly. I think we’ll need to do to it again.
  •  Another scene I think that can be improve is that the last shot should be different. Instead of a whimpering main star with puppy eyes, he should be defiant as he’s defending his morality and conscience. This works better with the narrative and message we’re presenting.


After some consideration, we decided that our targets are:

  • Smooth out some of the cuts and transitions
  • Cut down on footage
  • Get in the last of the shots
  • Get the footage in line with the audio
  • Finesse the special effects to look better


Audience Ideologies

As we’re creating a music video, we require to create a music video which targets specific customer base, the people who’ll watch and listen the music video in the first place. In order to get a target audience, we’re going to need to conform to an ideologue. By using Blumer’s and Katz’s “Uses and Gratification” and YouGov, we can determine what the demographics of the majority of Kasabian’s fans, since we’re using a song from Kasabian. Below are the demographics and their media consumption.

Their media consumption hints of what they seek in their media, this tells us on what to focus on while making the music video. Their media consumption ranges from wild, comedic media such as The Inbetweeners and 8 Out of 10 Cats to contrasting media representing human drama and conflict such as Full Metal Jacket (a brutal representation of the Vietnam War), and Louis Theroux (his documentaries are known to be controversial). Using this information, we can conclude they prefer hard hitting drama and masculine humour. As theses things are total contrasts, we cannot have a brutal drama about war with humor, since they don’t consume media such as Dr. Strangelove. As indicated by the lack of arthouse films, they prefer pragmatic representations of information rather than dogmatic. With this knowledge, we have a clearer image of what we have to make. As we’re already making a military oriented music video, we have to make sure its not too artsy.

In order to prove that we heeded on what we learnt, we have been tasked to create a mock dating profile of our ideal audience member. Here’s one below.



Star Image Planning

For our music video to succeed, we need to design an effective star that represents and communicates the genre, their music and star narrative. As bands and music are basically products to be sold when you strip away the outward appearance, they need to appeal to a specific customer base, otherwise they’re not going to be commercially successful. Also as according to the theories of Richard Dyer they’ll need to be extraordinary and ordinary as well as absent and present with their audience. To do this they’ll need to set an image that will appeal to customers, with their image set in a repertoire of elements. Being portrayed in a repertoire of elements basically tells the customer where they are positioned in a genre and what they offer. Another thing to remember is the meta narrative, in other words, they have a consistent star image throughout all forms of media they are presented. For example, if the band is styled as an edgy, badmouthed anarchist in their music videos then their social media is not going to be filled with funny cat images, otherwise they might alienate some for their audience. To begin to create an effective star image, were going to to need to look at some examples.

We first looked at Kasabian, the band behind the original song.

We also looked at the indie rock and its reportorial of elements. One common was the messy, wild hair paired with a rebellious look. We have one class member who has that look and hair, he’ll be perfect for the role. For his image to be amplified, he’ll needed to be contrasted by his squad mates who are subversive to the authority and numb to the damage they’re causing, so we need two people who are the total opposites. We got a few in mind.

As the video will be a pure narrative, we’re going to have spend some time establishing why the main star buckles and deserts. There’s going to be a lot of reaction shots and reverse shots in order to communicate this. For example, he’ll hesitate before putting the blindfold on a prisoner. By having the main star waking up from a nightmare we already establish that the main star has internal problems. We’re also so going to need to have him to behave rebellious, so he’ll act unprofessionally (in a military context) compared to his squad mates.

In the context of the narrative, by having a morally conscious individual that questions what he does before risking his life in order to keep his moral integrity fits is a good way to represent our star as it fits not only the themes of the song, but the genre itself. Although indie rock has a wide range of themes, going against the status quo and authority is a common theme. By keeping within the boundaries of the genre, we are making the music video representative of the audio and therefore being successfully to an extent. Also, as according to Dyer’s theory, the themes will also give the star the chance to be extraordinary and ordinary at the same time. The star is stuck in metaphorical prison (which many individuals are stuck in the same situation) and but manages to do the impossible and escapes it. This gives an audience an idealised form of humanity, themselves and hope, as they might eventually escape their troubles.

In other words, our stage image preys upon the insecurities of the audience.

When we come to design our digipaks later in the academic year, we have to make sure we carry on this meta-narrative into the design.


Shoot Reflection (Shoot 2)

On our second shoot, we returned to Cowshorn as we still have not found a suitable location for our interior shots and it was much convenient to do a re-shoot at Cowshorn. We focused on getting reaction shots, shots that communicate the narrative and just plain better shots. We got some usable shots, however, some of the shots are out of focus and some of the hand held shots are too shaky, they’re ruined. It might seem that we might have do a another quick reshoot, as some of them are important as they convey the main stars reactions, although our tutor disagrees, he thinks we’re fine. One example of the shots we need is a reaction shot of the main star lowering his rifle before the other two members, signifying that he refused to shoot.

Another problem is that some of the actions between the two shoots are inconsistent. For example, in the first shoot, Nic, one of the prisoners fall forwards, while in the second shoot, he falls backwards. This will make editing much harder. Another inconsistency is the over all colour, due to the different weather. We can bypass this via changing the colour palette in Adobe Premiere, so we should be fine.

Most of these shots could have been improved if we knew these shots were out of focus, however its hard to determine if objects are out of focus on a small screen with heavy sunlight. The only way I know of overcoming this is to use the smaller frame built into camera, as its much easier as there’s less light shining on it. Unfortunately this only accessible on photograph mode, not film mode. This means we’ll have to switch to photograph modes to see whether we’re in focus or not. This will mean our time to set up shots will be extended.

With this in mind, I have several things I need to remember next time we shoot;

  • Use the smaller inbuilt frame to see the change in focus much more accurately.
  • Make sure consistency is present with every action, refer to clips we already to got to see what we need.


Risk Assessment for Shoot 2

As expected, we done a risk assessment as we don’t do anything stupid on the day.


Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot (2nd Shoot)

You guessed, we have to do PMA for every shoot, and this one is no different. Its slightly different from the previous one as we have to bring costumes from school by ourselves.

Hover the mouse over the document and use the mouse wheel to scroll down/up the document.

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