I selected these two ads for my genre, using previous research and our dating profiles we made. Fashion and jewellery is a big part of the rap genre, more specifically showing off expensive clothes and jewellery.

I chose the ‘Nike Air’ design because these shoes are generally seen as fashionable to many people in the genre. Fashion and shoes in particular are a very popular in the rap scene, basketball shoes are seen as fashionable with the leading companies being Nike and Jordan.

I chose this Rolex advertisement because jewellery, more specifically watches,chains and rings, are very popular in the rap genre. People like to show off their wealth through their jewellery so I though an ad for a prestigious and well-known watch brand was fitting for my magazine.

A New and Improved DPS

My Double Page Spread Before:

My Improved Double Page Spread:

Improvements I made:

  • Added in my Pull Quote in.
  • Added a red boarder around my text in the top right.
  • Made the numbers for each tip stand out much more with drop capitals and strokes.
  • Added my article.
  • Added my page numbers and plug at the top.
  • Added my photo and article crediting.
  • Added in my Stand first.

A New and Improved Contents Page.

My Contents Page Before:


My Improved Contents Page:

Improvements I made:

  • I had to add white around my images to make them more visible.
  • I added the issue number, page number and date.
  • I changed the scale of the page number to make it more realistic.
  • I added in the article names.
  • I added a stroke to the text to make it easier to read.
  • I re-cut out my bottom image in photoshop because part of the shoe was missing before.

Design Skills 1

In the Design and Production of our magazines we have learnt how to use the programs ‘InDesign and Photoshop.’ Learning how to use these programs can allow us to make changes to our images to make them look how we want. These design features can completely change the quality and message of an image. Without using these design programs our images wouldn’t be able to be altered and simple things such as cut the star out from the image wouldn’t be possible and we would have the entire background with the image too. There are many tools on these programs that can help us change our image or our design around the images we have taken, the effects tab has multiple effects that can be applied and manipulated to text and images. There are many other aspects of our design process that wasn’t just using the tools built into the programs. Such as our layout design was just up to how we wanted things things to be arranged we didn’t need to use special tools for that unless you were trying to add certain effects to give your page a unique feel to it.

These are the different effects that are built into InDesign, these effects can be applied to images and text. These effects have many ways they can be manipulated such as the spread, noise and opacity, etc.

These are the effects that can be used to to manipulate your text, you change the size, typeface/style, stretch/squish, capitalize, space out, change the colours and strokes, italicize, widen/thin your text. There is still more you can do with these effects and you can combine them to get the look you really want for your text.


Draft of the Double Page Spread

My Double Page Spread first draft:

Improvements to make:

  • Move pull quote.
  • Can’t have black text on the railing.
  • Center text.
  • Space out the colour, so I have bits of red all over the DPS.

My Double Page Spread after making some changes:

  • I’ve added the red bar at the bottom to spread out the colour a little bit more because it was all clumped into one area.
  • I’ve moved my black text away from the railing that it was on before, when the text was on the railing it was barely readable.
  • I’ve moved my pull quote down to beneath the first columns, I have done this because where the pull quote was before it made the quote look like a title instead.


Draft of Contents Page

My first Draft of a Contents Page:

There are a few changes that I plan on making to this contents page:

  • I want to add more articles to the actual content part because six articles isn’t enough to persuade someone to buy your magazine.
  • I want to use some sort of brighten or glow effect around my images because with the black background you can’t see them very well.
  • I want to play around with the positioning of my images a bit more, it might not be permanent but I still want to try and see how I can change it.
  • I would also like to change the size of the text and page numbers.

Complete Magazine Draft

My Complete Music Magazine Draft:

My Teachers Feedback:

Improvements I need to make:

Front Page:

  • Fix Masthead from changing when exported into Google Drive.
  • Some empty space above and below the ‘Exclusive Tyler Q’ part.
  • ‘Tyler Q’ could stand out more from the rest of the text (could be achieved with the use of effects and colours.)

Contents Page:

  • Could possibly add some white to the page.
  • Need more than 6 articles on there.
  • Black clothes from Jacob and Tyler on the black background needs to change, (could be achieved by using glow effects or strokes).

Double Page Spread (DPS):

  • Must write my article urgently. (No.1 Priority).
  • Could widen my columns.
  • Page Numbers.
  • Must make my pull quote smaller than my headline.

What is a Contents Page?

We learnt all about the conventional features of a contents page, knowing these features will be extremely useful when I make my own contents page for my music magazines. We put our knowledge of the conventional features by sketching our own design of a contents page and came up with our own headlines. The reason for having headlines that use specific words such as ‘secret’ and ‘exclusive’ is to draw the consumers attention and hook them into the article, once the reader is hooked it is easy to keep them attracted to the magazine with a good article. People use clickbait titles to draw in the consumers which is when your title uses words and sentencing that isn’t all true to the content in the article or it can be very exaggerated. Creators have to be careful with how bad the clickbait in their media is, if it is completely unrelated to their actual media people will make it a concerned and will be negative toward the creator.


Star Image

This is a slideshow about Drake’s star image:


I think after looking at this meta narrative of Drake it will change the design of my star, I will need to make my star feel as if they are a real celebrity who gets interviews with these big magazine companies and who would have millions of followers.