A New Improved Front Page

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Above is a new improved version of my magazine cover.

From the feedback I got and personal dislikes, I have made some changes to my cover:

  • I changed the boarder colour to a darker shade of blue which means the text stands out more and contrasts the darkness of the boarder.
  • I changed some of the type faces to ensure they are clear to read and also look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • I made the cover star bigger which I learnt from my feedback. This makes sure all the attention is on her and the audience is immediately attracted to her.
  • I added the magazine’s Instagram account which will keep fans engaged and also mean the magazine gets more coverage as it will be featured on multiple platforms.
  • I edited the masthead so it was bigger and also removed the white as I felt just pink was more vibrant and striking, the feedback I got was to make the masthead bigger so I listened to my feedback and made appropriate changes.
  • I changed the position of the writing on the side as I felt before it was too big and took attention away from my cover star and masthead.


All of these changes will ensure my magazine is as successful as it can be and appeal to my target audience. This task has helped me to learn what changes need to be done and how my work can be improved as well as listening to feedback to hear other peoples point of views; these skills will be helpful in future tasks

At the moment, I am happy with my magazine cover however, with more feedback, I am likely to makes some changes in the future and once I know more about the rest of my magazine, I’m sure there will be some changes that need to be done.


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