Green Screen Studio Filming

A big part of music videos is the conventional feature of lip-syncing. Before making our own music videos it is important we understand how to lip-sync effectively and how to film in the studios.

Our task was to lip-sync in a practice music video, learn how to use to equipment in order to film the video, and then later on edit all the shots to create a music video.

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the green screen studio at the College of FE where we were able to learn how to lip-sync and gain experience filming in a studio. We used a multi cam setup which enables you to record multiple angles at once and also takes a lot less time. For example, one camera could film a close-up whilst the other shoots a wide-shot. The cameras which we used for filming were set up onto tripods. This enabled the recordings to be stabilized, which meant the filming looked professional.

Below are some photos showing us at the green screen studio:

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