My Tour Poster

I have been set the task of creating a tour poster for the rap genre. In order to help me do this I have done some research and included all the information I found on a google slides to keep it in one place. From my research, I have looked at many already existing tour posters, fonts and colour schemes. I learnt that many of the tour posters use a combination of vibrant colours contrasting with a dark colour, often black. Also, the majority of them had a photo of the artist which had been photoshopped to look particularly unrealistic. Using the website 1001 fonts, I looked at a variety of fonts and have concluded that a clean, bold, sans serif font would work best.



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My Magazine Front Page Swede

After analysing a magazine cover, we when were to copy the front cover of an already iconic magazine cover. I chose Rihanna, NME magazine.

Original                                       My copy


  • Strengths;
    • Very similar font
      • In the majority of text I managed to find a very similar.
    • Exact colours
      • The colour theme of pink font was the exact colour as on ‘InDesign’.
  • Weaknesses
    • The main photo of cover star
      • The photo of cover star I used is different from the original cover however i managed to find one from the same photoshoot.
    • Placement of text
      • My text is placed differently due to different photo.

In order to correct these mistakes I will allow myself more time as well as improving my Indesign skills by spending time practicing and watch tutorials.

This task has allowed me to use Indesign and learn basic skills. This will help me in the future when designing my own magazine cover.


The Camera Talks

After the photoshoot, I gathered my 9 favourtie images and collected them all in a collage using 3 hashtags to describe them.

The majority of the photos taken included nature which was the overall setting for the photos. I then thought about what the image was trying to communicate, for instance, their emotions in the photos. The girls look very sociable and chatty which gives a very happy vibe. A good example of this is the top left photo. The girls can be seem laughing and look as though they are enjoying themselves.

This will be very useful for my magazine cover as I have unpicked photos and let them tell a story which will be necessary for my magazine cover in order to ensure the readers are interested. It helped me to look at different camera angles and see what would work best for my magazine cover. I also now understand how important Mis-en-scene is and how much it can affect how the meaning of the image is communicated.

Technical Camera Terms

The two main aspects to taking a photo are framing and movement.

Framing includes:

  • Distance from the subject
  • Angle in relation to the subject
  • Point of view

Movement consists of:

  • Distance: long shot, mid-shot, close up, extreme close up
  • Angle: high angle, low angle
  • Movement: tilt, zoom, tracking shot

These techniques will be very useful when creating my magazine so I have an idea of the angles and distance I can use to present a story.


My Image That Uses Mise-en-scene To Communicate Meaning

My group was allocated the genre of rapper for our research. We looked at rappers overtime and how the stereotype has changed. We focused particularly on their clothes and accessories. We created a moodboard to keep all our ideas in one place to help contribute to our photoshoot. The moodboard down below shows everything we would associate with rap and all the connotations of rap stars. We included the most important conventions for the genre. Conventions is a word to describe those expectations, commonalities of the genre.

Made with Padlet
Through our findings we discovered that our model would need branded clothes which give the idea that he/she is wealthy and likes to show it off, making it clear to the public they are successful. Rappers often wear plenty of jewelry, in particular chains. They use this to show their status in the music industry. We ensured our model has both these components in order to achieve the look we wanted. We also learnt that footwear plays an important part in how a rapper style themselves. High tops and boots by brands such as nike, adidas and jordan tend to be popular among rappers. They wear whatever colours they feel comfortable in but will only be seen in branded clothing. We chose the brand ‘champion’ for our hoodie which is very popular and can typically be seen on rappers. 


A significant part of a rappers look is how they photograph. They like to look serious and intimidating towards potential competition in the music industry. Our model chose specific poses to allow her to play the part of a rapper. 

To test whether we had gotten the correct mise-en-scene we were aiming for, we gathered our classmates to stick adjectives onto our model and we collected adjective such as;

  • intimidating
  • angry
  • successful
  • aggressive
  • defiant
  • wealthy

The words we collected from our classmates were very similar to the ones we had aimed for with our mise-en-scene, showing that it was successful.

This task was very useful as it will help me when researching for ideas for my magazine. I have learn to gather all my ideas onto a moodboard as it keeps them all in one place and ensures you know exactly what image you want to create.

Print Media that Communicates Image…

Tour poster Analysis…

Within any magazine, the editors, authors and producers need to think about the semiotics of the cover. Semiotics refers to the science of signs and what they represent and mean.

To test this, I have analysed Clean Bandit’s ‘I miss you’ tour poster using the criteria ‘CLAMPS’, which stands for:

  • C – Costume & Colour
  • L – Lighting
  • A – Acting & Gestures
  • M – Make up & Hair
  • P – Props
  • S – Setting

This particular poster is very clever in that it uses images and colour to convey meaning. For example, the photoshopped images are very quirky which connotes an edgy image to the band. Along with the images, the vibrant colours attract the reader’s attention as well as a very simple and clean font which is aesthetically pleasing to the reader.


From this research, I will take the ideas of CLAMPS when researching for my own tour poster, and then onto my music magazine as. I believe that looking into all aspects of CLAMPS is a very good way of having a well thought out and successful poster or cover.