Prelim Task – Lip Syncing Exercise

Above is my music video from the lip syncing exercise in the green screen studio; my class chose the song ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga.

I used an online software called ‘WeVideo’ to edit the video, this allowed me to cut the videos and match them up with the audio to ensure it looking professional and engaging.

Lip syncing is really important for the star image, the aim is to make it look as though they are performing the song. Lip syncing can help convey different emotions which can make a big impact on the video. They can either use highly exaggerated expressions to show their emotions or more subtle expressions to allow the audience to interpret their own meaning to the song. It is also important that you get an actor who ‘looks the part’ so the video looks natural.

What went well:

  • The editing went well which meant the lip-syncing was in time with the song
  • Used a variation of different camera angles: mid-shot, close-up, wide-angle
  • The actors ensured the lip-syncing looked natural. They did this by pronouncing the words correctly without over-exaggerating.

Even better if:

  • Perhaps a different song as the one we used was very repetitive and the actors found it hard to lip-sync due a dislike of the song.
  • More movement from some of the actors would’ve made the video more engaging as some parts are slightly boring.
  • We didn’t consider Mis-en-scene in this video however if we had, it would’ve made a massive impact of the video making it more interesting more audience. The video looks quite confusing for the audience as the actors were all wearing random clothing choices.

Preliminary Task Mood Montage

As a part of the preparation for our music video, we were set the task of creating a short montage. Our brief was ‘using montage filming editing to create a short film (40 seconds – 1 minute) which communicates a simple, single idea’. For our montage, my group chose the theme ‘no place like home’. We wanted to demonstrate the idea of the comfort of one’s home. Above is an image of my storyboard our group has designed to ensure we were organised and knew what shots we wanted to get. On each post it note, we wrote down the type of shot, the location and what we wanted to demonstrate. This task was helpful in ensuring our montage would be successful.


Above is our final montage that we edited on Premier Pro. Overall, I think the montage conveys a story and the idea of ‘no place like home.’ However, it we had more time, we could’ve shot at someones house rather than at school and this would have created a bigger impact and made more sense. Our montage includes transitions and filters which makes it slightly more interesting for the audience.

We chose the story ‘no place like home’ which was slightly harder to convey as we had to film at school, although we chose locations that showed a sense of relaxation; for example, the sofa. The mid shots where Kira is drinking her cup of tea and it cuts from her outside to her inside (18-20 seconds), clearly demonstrates the idea of her being comfortable and relaxed at home. I think we could have included some additional shots showing the transition from leaving work/school, and journey home, and then arriving at home. This could have made it clearer to the audience what we were trying to portray. We didn’t repeat any shots as we felt this wasn’t necessary and wanted to show a story. Rather than a sense of progression, we demonstrated an experience; arriving home and feeling relaxed and comfortable.

This task has particularly helped me with using Premier Pro and developing my skills. I allowed me to gain experience filming, editing and acting which will all be helpful when making my music video.