Music Video Draft 4

Here is draft 4 of our music video:

Overall I am incredibly proud with how this edit has come out. It is much better than previous versions after we used the feedback from draft 3 and implemented them into this draft. We changed a few things to achieve this greater video such as Pace of Edit, Transitions and Filters.

I think the shots work really well and our narrative is much more coherent than in previous drafts. It also works so much better with the song and the edit matches up with the beat of the music.

I still think there are some things we could improve however:

Movement – We had no movement shots in the entire video. This was due mainly to restrictions with the equipment as the footage didn’t come out as good as we would hope for and was very blurred. However, if we have the time, I would like to do more filming and use another camera to film some movement.

Edit – I think there could be a little more editing to the beat, at the moment it is great but I can still see room for improvement.

Overall I am incredibly happy with how this video has turned out and think that we are very close to finally completing it.

Music Video Draft 3

Here is draft 3 of our music video:

This draft is much better than our previous two drafts and we are very happy with the results so far.

To get an outside look at our music video we got some feedback from our peers:


  • Masks make the story clear towards the end of the video
  • Good variety of shots
  • Effective edit pace


  • Story is quite hard to understand from the start
  • Have stronger mise-en-scene
  • Cut out parts where the actors look at the camera
  • More edit to the beats in the upbeat sections of the music

Overall this feedback is very useful as we had become blind to some of the positive and negatives in the video we had created. This feedback gave us a good idea of what we could do to improve our video, using the positives and negatives as a template for the editing we need done.

Here are the significant things we changed in the current draft:

  • Footage – We got enough footage to fill the whole video, even if we need to remove or add some footage, I’m very glad that we were able to get a coherent piece of media together.
  • Filters – We used filters to colour correct some parts of the video. We did this because of the advice that the people from Specsavers gave us that was incredibly useful. The filters help to reveal the narrative and tonal shifts within the music video such as the first part having much warmer colours than the second part.
  • Editing – The editing such as masks I think worked very effectively. The effect made it seem like the secondary character was a happy memory to the main character which is the feeling that we wanted to connote.

Things we still need to improve:

  • Pace of the edit  Some parts are too slow or too fast and do not convey the meaning we want.
  • Quality – Some parts of the footage are not high enough quality for us to use in the final draft. This means that it might require us to re-film some parts of the footage of just replace parts with existing footage

Overall I am incredibly pleased with the way our music video is turning out with more and more parts looking great adn working well to convey our narrative.



Teacher Feedback – Screencastify

This is the screencastify video that our teacher gave us with feedback on our draft 2.

The feedback we were given was incredibly helpful. The most useful thing we took out of this was that our narrative and shots didn’t work together. We needed a more coherent story to the video. With that in mind, we have decided to completely revamp the narrative so that it works much better with two people.

Other than revamping the narrative there is a few other good and bad things about our video.


  • Establishing of location
  • Nice framing


  • Need more close-ups
  • Don’t make cuts that don’t make sense
  • Need coherence
  • Cliff face need significance
  • Poor Footage – maybe less movement will fix it
  • 2nd half footage is better, cleaner, more advanced cinematography

Overall me and fin think that this feedback will help tremendously as it has woken us up to the fact that we need to redo most if not our entire video.

Specsavers Feedback

When we showed our video to the people from Specsavers and digital greenhouse they gave us some very useful feedback.


The feedback from Specsavers helped with some of the technical things we were doing. The main one was with the masks which they showed us how to do without using a bunch of key frames like we were doing before. They also explained that the mise-en-scene could be a little bit more developed as there isn’t much of a coherent meaning at the moment.

Digital Greenhouse

The feedback from digital greenhouse focused more on the colour of our footage. They explained that the colour correction we were using made some of the shots look too saturated and we may benefit from turning it down. They also said the lighting was good which would make it easy to edit.

Overall this feedback will help us a lot with the colour and technical side of the edit.

Music Video Draft 2

Here is draft 2 of our music video:

As this is only a draft 2, there are many things that we need to improve but also some things I think worked well.

Things that went well: 

  • Shot Variety – We used quite a range of different angles and distances in our shoot including a few low angles that worked well as well as a few ELS that worked great and are some of my favourite shots.
  • Build Up – The build up to the secondary character falling of the edge of the cliff works well, I think it may need some work with cutting speed and other small details but at the moment it is a clear build up that is timed well with the music.
  • Relationship – The relationship to the two characters is good, it’s not perfect, but I do think that it is much better than our first draft was at showing the friendship between the characters.

Things that need improvement:

  • Footage – Obviously we are missing big parts of the footage that will complete the music video, this was mainly because of the time constraints we had while shooting because of the weather. One or two shoots more will make sure we have enough footage for our whole music video and it will help if we get some extra footage to make parts of the footage that we already have be more coherent.
  • Editing – Some of the edits, especially with the cuts, are a bit janky and with a few minutes of work can be greatly improved. Also, I think in the second part of the video we could use some more creative techniques by maybe using more masks .

Shoot 2 Reflection

For our second shoot, me and Fin went to film at la Guet which is a forest with a small stone structure on a hill. We used this location as the wooded area gave a great basis for our theme of rebellion and freedom because the forest is a wild place full of adventure and danger, a place away from society that allows the boys to express themselves and be free.


We felt as though this shoot went very well and we were able to get a good number of shots in the time we had. We got more variety of shot types than the last shoot including different angles and advanced cinematography techniques. I think the lighting could have been better as it was a cloudy day and we relied on the sun as our main form of lighting. The location of a forest also meant that the trees shadowed some of the areas however we tried to avoid the dark areas as much as possible. With this shoot we used less movement shots as in the last shoot the movements shots didn’t look great.

We didn’t end up with much backup footage that we could use in case some of the shots didn’t work well or we needed to fill some space in the video so I think that if we do another shoot, we should try to get more shots than we think we need.

Example Shots

Design Skills 2

After even more editing of our music video, we have found out how to use many more skills and techniques:
Mask -Using the mask tool was great for transitions as well as some unique shots that had one of the characters fading away. For the transitions we created a mask the size of the video and used key frames to move the mask from right to left. We also used it to combine two different shots taken in the exact same place to create a ghost appearance by turning down the opacity of the mask.

Colour -Colour correction was also an incredibly helpful tool. We used several different filters to create the feeling that we wanted for sections of the song. For example, we used SL GOLD ORANGE in some places to give a warm feeling.

Speed -Clip speed duration was also vital to our music video. We used it to slow down some parts, mainly the first part that gave it a much happier and calm feeling than the second part. Most of the clips we slowed to 80% although some were faster and some were slower.

Overall these techniques have helped us a lot in designing and forming our music video and they will be very useful for future editing that we need to do to finalize our video.

Production Meeting for Shoot 2

Before we started filming we wanted to plan out everything we will need for the shoot.

With this it will be much easier for us to shoot our footage as we have our mise-en-scene planned out and we can start filming quickly. We are also being more careful of lighting and trying to avoid having anything we don’t want in the background. This document has also helped because as we were producing it we had good discussion about what mise-en-scene we should use and what worked well in previous shoots which meant that we really thought about what we were doing instead of just writing down the same things as last time.