Test Shoots

This is our first test shoot for our music video.

Things that went well:

  • The edit – I like the amount of cuts and i like the numerous angles we got
  • The shots – The range of shots we got were nice and getting to experiment with how we can use the camera to create meaning
  • Equipment – Using things like the shoulder mount and gimbal helped to think of what we can use in the music video shoots.

Things that didn’t go well:

  • Mise-en-scene – We didn’t prepare our mise-en-scene and need to re-shoot some things and test what works well.
  • Lip sync – The lip syncing was difficult to do and we need to get way more backup footage so that we can match up the lyrics better.
  • Location – the location we filmed in wasn’t ideal and didn’t exactly fit with the themes.

This test shoot was mainly used so that we could get used to the equipment and test out some different shot types and camera positioning. The cinematography wasn’t our main focus to us as we weren’t focusing on  good footage only good practice with the camera and editing software. I think the static shots that we mostly had didn’t work to well with the pace and beat of the song and when it comes to recording the acctual music video I’d like to experiment with some movement shots and try out some handheld camera work.


Prelim Task Mood Montage


A montage is a group of clips put together that communicate a feeling or emotion. It can be any length and have as many clips as possible. Montage can also be used to show the audience a journey or give them a sense of time and space. One famous montage is from Rocky as he trains for a fight, improving over time.


To make our own montage, we had to choose what emotion we wanted to convey. We chose boredom as we thought that it would be quite easy to come up with ideas for it. We developed a storyboard in order to get down some ideas of what we had to shoot and some repeating shots.


The storyboard helped us as it gave us some guidance of what we need to shoot, being more like a shot list than a storyboard. To create our montage we filmed shots in a classroom and used a camera with a tripod and even at one point a shoulder mount to film a scene where a person spins on a chair. We then used Premier Pro to edit the video all together. We used some repeating shots and some similar shots to show the audience a sense of time passing. We also added some boring music to help emphasize the feeling of boredom.



    1. Do you think your montage has an impact?
      I think our montage worked quite well. It definitely created an emotion of boredom with the zooms and movement making the clips seem drawn out longer then they should be and the slow pace of the action in the video make it seem like it takes ages to finish. However, I think it’s still interesting to watch.
    2. Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?
      The repeated shots of yawning and the clock made it feel like time was passing incredibly slowly and gave a good sense of space of the classroom. The characters don’t interact much meaning that there isn’t much room for the characters to express any relationships but the fact that it is clearly set in a classroom with the background, floor and tables all looking the same shows that the characters are clearly in the same classroom.
    3. How does one specified cuts create meaning?
      I think the cut at 0:48 certainly helped to echo the feeling of boredom as it cuts from two angles pointed at the same thing with minimal change in position. The subtle cut makes it seem like time is moving slowly. However, I do love the shot as it is a long shot of the outside framed in the window of a classroom which can mean that the person who’s eyes the camera is looking through is longing for the day to be over.
    4. Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?
      The fact that the repeat shots of the clock show no change it time, it makes it feel like time has stopped and more just exaggerates the feeling of boredom rather than the characters going on a journey.
    5. What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?
      I think a final shot of the clock with an extreme close up as the hand ticks to 12 would have helped to show the audience how much time had passed and that the entire video lasted only 1 second in video time. I think this would definitely leave the boredom feeling with the audience and make the video seem incredibly drawn out.

In the future when I create more videos and montages, I will need to think more about the actors in the video. There was a few shots in the montage where people looked at the camera and this broke the fourth wall and took away from the experience. However, I think for a first try at montage it was a good attempt and I learnt many things to use in future videos and planning.