Design Skills 1

During this task, I have learnt a lot of new skills that will definitely benefit me in the long run. I am most pleased with the work that I have done of Photoshop and Indesign and think that I have really challenged myself. I have also learnt more about using the cameras and how I can achieve a really good shot.

I am currently editing an image from our most recent shoot on Photoshop. I have worked on hiding some of the blemishes, changing the colour tints, adding shadows and liquefying areas of her face to make them look fuller. The effects of these changes mad the model look edgy, alternative, and more engaged with the audience.

This is the original photo that I had decided to edit:

Here is the image in the process of being edited:

As you can see here, I have already played around with different tints and colours and have erased a few blemishes that had shown up on camera. I experimented with the temperatures, shadows and tints and found that the best result I received was when I used a slightly warmer tone.

The effect of this allowed the logo on her shirt to stand out and the colours merged really nicely. It also accentuated her eyes and allowed her eye shadow to stand out dramatically. My model looked flawless!

I used the camera raw filter to get my desired look:

I then wanted to make my models face look a bit more fuller and intense so I decided to use the liquefy effect to broaden the shape of her lips and sharpen her jaw line as shown below. I did however only want to make subtle changes because my model is naturally stunning! The effect of this made my model look mysterious and seductive.

I used the bars on the right hand side to edit my models structure:

I also learnt about how to intensify and illuminate the colour of my models’ eyes on photoshop. I decided to do this for both my cover page and my contents page which I will insert an edit of below.

As you can see, her eyes are very bright and really engage the audience. I did this by layering brighter versions of her eye colour of the top of each other then blurring it out to smooth the look out. The outcome was brilliant and I was really happen with the end result. The effect of this change drew all of the attention to my model’s eyes, this makes her appear cool and edgy. 

Here are some screenshots of how I did it:

I also learnt a wide range of skills on Indesign, especially when designing my double page spread. I learnt how to edit the fonts, sort out the structure and layout, insert images properly and shadow pictures. I’ve had a lot of fun with this software and have worked really hard to improve my skills on it. 

One of the most important skills that I learnt was editing the characters. The text is very iconic when it comes to setting the style of magazine that you are going to sell. The text I chose was very Indie and worked really well!

Here you can see the text that I’ve used is very altered and I’ve changed a lot of it’s features.

The character box allowed me to make lots of alterations and the result of this made my font look fresh, modern and neat. I was really pleased with the outcome. 

Though I learnt quite a few skills on Indesign, I did not find this software as challenging as Photoshop as I have had previous experience with programs such as Microsoft and Publisher so I already know a fair amount when it comes to presentation skills.

I know that these skills will definitely help me when designing my double page spread and in the future of this course.

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