So…How’s it going?

After all of the photo shoots, work I’ve done on Photoshop, Indesign and the general experience of what it is like to be a media student, I now feel comfortable with this topic and feel confident towards any future tasks. I have definitely surprised¬†myself with how creative and motivated I’ve been over these past few weeks and everything has worked out really well. I especially love the photography¬†aspects of this course and hope to interpret more of it into my own work and any additional research they I have been already partaking in.¬†

My work definitely fits the style and genre of Indie Rock and I feel that I have worked really hard to do so. The magazine works well together and the structure of it all looks very polished. The star images, as a plus, also fit into this genre and convey the key features of what an Indie Rock star should look like. I have used Mise-en-scene to achieve these looks and found that areas such as costume, lighting, make up and hair and props are so important when doing a shoot.

I have also responded well to feedback and taken the time to change even the most subtle details to try and achieve the best possible magazine. As a whole, I am really happy with what I’ve created and am ready for the term ahead!

Overall, I feel like I have worked really hard to achieve the criteria needed to create a professional magazine. I am really excited for the term ahead and can’t wait to learn more.

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