So how did it go?

Creating my music magazine was definitely a challenge but I enjoyed every bit of it. I have learnt new skills and encountered difficulties that I now know how to fix. I have made a miraculous improvement and feel very confident when using softwares such as Indesign and Adobe Photoshop. My understanding of media has also made a huge progress as I am now aware of the importance of it all and even looked into most parts of the industry. I can’t wait to get stuck in again and keep learning about this subject.

I am really pleased with my final product and can’t believe how many changes I had to make in order to be completely satisfied with it. It is importantĀ to take risks with this type of work and figure out (by trial and error) what works best. I had to face a lot of difficulties and errors n=but I am happy that I did as I learnt how to overcome them. I receivedĀ a lot of feedback when it came to my magazine, specifically my double page spread. I was told that the image I used had clearly been flipped as the writing on my models shirt was backwards and I would not get away with it if this were a professional magazine article. I tried lots of different ways of covering it and cropping the obvious text. I finally decided to take the biggest risk I had yet and scrapped the whole image. I ended up using a different photo which worked much better and I was so much happier with it. I am really glad I had to face this challenge as I now feel more confident in taking these sort of risks!

I now look back to the very first magazine cover I created on Indesign and I can not believe how much progress I have made. For starters, I was not a Rock fan and found that working with this genre was incredibly difficult and I did not have a very good starting point. I also thought that my Photoshop skills were rather rubbish and I am glad I did more research into the software before creating my official cover. But, now that I have finished the task, I am thankful for getting it wrong the first few times as my product now would not nearly be as good. I can not wait to get on with the second task!

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