Narrative Development

Our narrative shoot is this Tuesday and my group and I have to be aware of what we want to get across to the audience and how we are going to do that. We have therefore created a narrative structure that will help us in the production of our shoot. I think this was an excellent idea as we were able to discuss what needed to be shown on camera and more specifically why. I am happy with the document we created as it will come in handy when we need it most this Tuesday!

The relationship between our narrative and the song will be amplified as we want to create our own themes as well as relating to the song. This is because the narrative is subordinate to the performance.  We will use a complex narrative structure to convey our central character repeating a routine like week and will use inter textual references to depression and anxiety.

To meet the narrative conventions of an indie rock music video we will have to use repetition  and authenticity.  We will have a catalytic moment at the very end of our music video where the equilibrium will be disrupted and our star will break free from her usual routine. 

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