Shoot Reflection (Performance)

This is my reflection of our performance shoot. Below are some images of the production of the shoot. We all has a really good time.

The Performance:

We sent about three hours filming our performance shoot and about one hour to set up. It was a long and painful process but the footage we received was brilliant and we were all incredibly chuffed. 

The performance actually went really well and despite the two performers feeling a bit nervous about the shoot, they managed to relax and get into the music. I was very impressed! The costumes worked really well as a plus and I am happy that we looked into the smaller details of what they were wearing. The tattoo sleeves worked especially well and so did the funky glasses. The use of props also looked professional and realistic, I’m very happy we went that extra mile to get hold of some proper instruments and access to lights.

The three of us were also impressed with the location as the dark studio reflected the style of the Indie Rock genre extremely well and definitely met the given conventions. 


  • We will make sure to capture some more close ups of the performers facial expressions during our next shoot.
  • We will use more push ins and interpret this into our editing.
  • We will work hard to make sure we set up quicker and in a far less stressful environment/atmosphere!


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