Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot in general went really well and my group and I were able to achieve over 100 shots. We wanted to make sure every shot was perfect and spent the majority of the day moving around and filming in multiple locations. We still need to film in the studio and take a few more shots to finish the narrative off which we will do over the course of this term. 

I was really happy with my group and found that the three of us were able to work quickly and professionally. We also used the whole day to film as our narrative was quite long! Being the performer for my own music video was also good fun as I was able to convey exactly what the three of us wanted to get across to the audience.

The location itself (Dani’s house, The Terrace and The Constitution Steps) for all of our narrative shots were brilliant. The simplicity of the bedroom worked really nicely and added to the feeling and mood of our whole video. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Dani had a dog! He really was the star of the show and we were very tempted to have him in the video.

As for all of my tasks so far, there are definitely a few things that we could have done better in order to achieve some even greater footage. We have had to face a few issues in editing because of these flaws but we are learning how to work with them and make them look decent. 


  • We were able to capture a variety of different shots and had enough to fill the whole song.
  • The mise en scene looked good!
  • We were able to follow the mood board clearly and complete it.


  • We could have filmed the final sequence after I fall asleep.
  • We could have sorted out the lighting in a majority of our shots
  • I should have been far more dramatic/happy after I had taken the tablets.

Here are some pictures from our day of filming:

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