Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our second draft of both the narrative and performance video. It still needs a lot of work and quite obviously, we need to film a lot more. We do have this organised and know when and where we are supposed to go. 

Obviously this needs a lot of work and it is no where near finished. But I feel there are certainly aspects of this edit that i want to keep. I feel like the start of this video is really strong and it’s just the end that needs a bit of work. It’s very difficult choosing what works and what doesn’t! I would really like to interpret some more advanced editing into this video as it would really show off what my group and I are capable of. We will try to interpret this into the fourth draft. When we receive our feedback, we will know exactly what we need to do also.

I edited the majority of this clip aside from a few moments towards the end. I am really proud of the work my group and I have done and would like for my peers to have a proper go when it comes to filming the footage for our dream sequence. This will be very interesting for the audience and visually different as opposed to everything else. The idea is to give the audience something fresh. 

In order to improve in the future, I think we as a group need to organise and takes turns with the edit. This will ensure that we have a professional and well thought out video. We can also interpret each of our own ideas and take pride in the small sections that we did. Again, this edit needs a lot of work but we are still learning and enjoying the process!

Here are some specific targets that we need to focus on in order to improve:

  • Film for our surreal dream sequence
  • Collect some more footage for the narrative
  • Sort out the colour bleed and experiment with it
  • Add in some more energetic performance shots
  • Sort out the rhythm and pace to match the tone and feel of the song
  • Stabilize a few more of the shots
  • Remove grain from a majority of the performance shots
  • Finalize everything!

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