Audience Ideologies

Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots is an Indie Rock/Electro style piece of music. This is my audience ideology. My group and I spent ages discussing who our song would appeal most to. With a bit of help from You.Gov, we found that a majority of the UKs population that are young female adults like to listen to the band 21 pilots. This surprised me as I thought the band focused more directly at men and was surprised to see so many women enjoying the music as well. 

This task allowed me to understand who we would be basing our music video at. This will definitely help me in the making of my music video as I will know exactly what my target audience wants to see and how the structure of it should be laid out. I was able to create a ‘typical audience member’ that would help me when finishing my video. I used the Blumler & Katz uses and gratification and the demographics and psychographics.¬†

  • Demographics:¬†Skilled Working Class and Lower Middle Class
  • Psychographics: Alternative and Fun / Atics

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