Feedback from Teacher

This is the feedback my teacher gave back to our group. I was expecting a lot more negative feedback so I was really happy to see how happy our teacher was with our work (especially the edits I did!) This feedback is incredibly helpful and will definitely come in handy when we start drafting our third attempt. I am excited to put this criticism into something positive and make improvements on my work for the better.

Here is the feedback that I have summarized into a few bullet points:

  • We need to sort out the pace during a few shots as they are too long and don’t match the rhythm of the music.
  • Film the narrative and ‘surreal performance’.
  • Get a few more close ups of our performer singing in a bit more depth.
  • The continuity is a bit strange at times.
  • Take out sections where the performers are laughing or looking directly at the camera as it’s not serious enough.
  • Just go over the video and sort out any strange edits.

Positive Feedback:

  • The pace of the edit is great at the start.
  • The black and white filter looks really edgy and alternative.
  • The performance shots of Jacob look excellent.
  • The mise en scene works nicely.
  • Nice use of advanced cinematography.

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