New PMA/Storyboards

In order for my group and I to have successful shoot, we had to go over a few documents and make sure we had a brand new production meeting agenda, storyboard and risk assessment. It was vital that we had these documents done before our shoot as it would determine how organised we were and how much we needed to get sorted. We already had our storyboard for the dream sequence sorted so we added in a few more post it notes to indicate where we were going tot put in the dancing sequence. Here are the documents we created.

From personal experiences and having done media for almost a full year now, I have learnt that being organised is key for planning shoots. The result of this makes the footage look polished and professional and have proven to be much better than the footage I have taken when we have not been organised. I now make it my top priority when planning new shoots and hope that I maintain this important skill throughout the course.

The dance sequence we have been inspired by is supposed to look surreal. We wanted to interpret a style of dance that would not only catch the audience’s attention but also differ from the lyrical style. It’s not supposed to look pretty at all, we want it to look obscure and almost uncomfortable to watch.

We had to do a lot of research in order to achieve the style of dance we wanted. I was mainly inspired to incorporate the works of Ryan Heffington and dances from the artist Sia’s music videos. I thought the style of dancing was expressive and visually interesting. We didn’t want too much movement however and we felt incredibly lucky to have a teacher like Miss Cobb at this point! She found us an intriguing video called ‘Strange Fish’ which I will insert below. The two dancers seem to use the wall for support and dance against it. We loved the style and find the perfect location for this as well.

We wanted the costume to differ from the creative shots we had filmed before. Doing this would also connect the real world with the dream. If she were to wear a crazy costume, there would be no relation whatsoever. We therefore decided that I should be wearing normal clothes that would still differ from the ones that my character fell asleep in but also create a sense of normality. We therefore chose a dress that we felt suited the tone of the sequence well. 

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