Music Video Draft 3

This is our third and almost final draft of our music video. It still is not quite completed but we have a set date for it to be finished and aren’t going to stop editing until it is!

ThisĀ  draft has changed a lot since the last one. For example, we have started adding in parts of the dance sequence and even taken into consideration what our teacher has said about some of the footage beforehand. We have done two more shoots since this shoot so we can’t wait to add the rest of that footage in and to be done with it all!

Thanks to some of our amazing peers, we have been able to receive some amazing feedback which I am chuffed to bits with. The feedback was kind yet critical and I am excited to put some of these targets into practice. Here is a screenshot of all of the comments we received.

The majority of the feedback we received was superb and i was really happy with what people had to say. However the feedback given by my peer Matthieu was very helpful. He specifically said that there were some obvious continuity errors that needed fixing as well as a few lip syncing mistakes too. He also stated that he didn’t really understand the narrative during the middle section as we had made a mistake with the black and white filter. Thanks to this feedback, we can make these changes to better suit our audience and make sense of our music video. I hadn’t even noticed these mistakes so it was very helpful that everyone put the time aside to mark our work, thanks guys!

Targets to improve:

  • Sort out continuity and lip syncing errors
  • Adjust anything that doesn’t make sense in the narrative
  • Complete the video!
  • Don’t over complicate with the effects

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