Music Video Draft 4

This is our very almost completed music video! A lot has changed since the last draft, we have finally completed it! We have had another shoot in the time it took for us complete draft 4 which was the very end section. I was really happy with this draft and can only see a few changes that need tending to. Here has what has made most improvement:

  • We finished the video!
  • The dance section is completed
  • We have adjusted lip syncing errors and continuity errors
  • We have added some more special effects to the dance section (which still needs a lot of work)
  • We have planned another shoot for close up shots of our main performer.

I can’t wait for the final draft!

This is my Screencastify video of one of my peers (who also played the drummer!) giving us some feedback on our work. I was really happy with the feedback he gave us and hope to put it into my draft 5.


  • Get rid off some of the effects in the dance section
  • Watch syncing of drummer and main performer
  • Check spelling!
  • Watch the Warp Stabilzer doesn’t make the footage look too strange/distorted 


  • Costumes look great
  • Drummer is a cool guy
  • Nice use of camera angles and a good variety of shots
  • Brilliant narrative

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