Production Skills Evaluation 3

From this task, I have learnt multiple skills that I know will help me in the production of my DigiPak and Website. Before now, I wasn’t very confident on Photoshop or Indesign and needed reminding of the two softwares after having a long summer! On Photoshop, a skill that I learnt that will specifically help me in the creation of my DigiPak, is how to layer images and create separate backgrounds.

This is going to be particularly useful as my group and I want to cut out our two models from the image and colour correct them to make them stand out against the back ground. I learnt that by using the lasso tool and deleting previous layers, I can separate different areas of the image from the background, this took quite a few attempts to get perfect! Especially when shaping around loose strands of hair in the pictures. But, in the end, I managed to do it and the end result looks polished and professional.

As for Indesign, I learnt how to edit and adjust the text and fonts to suit my genre better. I did this by using the text tools in the top left hand of the screen, these tools allowed for me to space out the characters, stretch them and make them more easy to read. I also managed to add different backgrounds to these fonts and typefaces in order to make them stand out more against the coloured background of the image. This will allow for the audience to read the album title and band name a lot easier than before.

Another skill that I learnt, not necessarily on my own shoot, but for a peers was how to adjust the shutter speed on my camera. Doing this allowed for light to be captured in long streaks rather than how it seen normally. This allowed for my peer to carve out letters with different coloured lights. This skill is not something I would incorporate into my own DigiPak as it was their original idea, however in the future of my media making, I will keep this skill in handy as it was very interesting to use!

(It looks something like this)

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