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Performance Rough Cut-Draft One

This is the rough cut of my music video for if it were just a performance shoot. It is a very messy and imperfect piece of editing and definitely requires a lot of work but I am happy my group and I had enough footage to source it. We were able to capture some really interesting and advanced moments of cinematography which I am really proud of and will definitely be using for the actual video. I am also incredibly proud of the two performers who properly threw themselves into the song and had a good time doing so!

Personally, in order to improve this shoot on my behalf, I would have checked through the footage as we were shooting and tried to get a few more close ups. This is key for capturing reactions and facial expressions;I wish we had captured more! I would have also played around with the lighting in the room as we could have experimented a lot more with the different coloured gels. It would have been really effective to have different colours at different moments in the song to convey different feelings and emotions. I am still glad that we were able to use the red gel as this definitely came off as being more passionate and angry which is just our intention!

What Went Well:

  • We were able to capture a lot of really professional and polished looking shots that will make our music video look great!
  • We created an emotive and suited atmosphere for the performers to work in so we managed to create the right mood for the video.
  • We were able to experiment with a lot of moving shots that ended up looking fantastic.

Targets For Improvement:

  • We should have sorted out the lighting and made sure there was no grain or too much contrast on our footage.
  • We could have also captured some more reaction shots and facial expressions as these are key when getting across a certain message.
  • We could have done more push ins, dolly zooms and high angle shots as this would’ve been far more effective and interesting to watch!

I am extremely pleased with the footage we managed to get and can’t wait to put our creative ideas together again when filming for our narrative, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself!

Star Image Planning

This is our ideal image of what we want our star image/central character to dress and look like. It is clear from these images and analysed labels that she will stand out from the crowd as being unique and alternative but there will still be an obvious attempt that she is trying to fit in. To suit the generic conventions of an Indie Rock music video, the central character must look moody and almost grungy. We plan too film a metanarrative on Tuesday and tell a story that an odd few may be able to relate to. 

Tyler from Twenty One Pilots doesn’t dress or convey himself like anybody else. He often wears clothes that make him appear younger and of course, he always wears his statement item which is a red beanie hat. It is clear to see that Tyler stands out from the crowd and though his simple, modern, everyday look is very simple, it is easily recognised because it suits him and fits the generic conventions of his music well. He creates paradoxes for his music videos and depend on the audience to look further and find the underlying message. He often wears extraordinary items of costume as well like his balaclava mask which he wears on multiple occasions in his music videos. He is a Here are some images of what he looks like:


The mise en scene used in these images clearly communicate this vibe to the audience and also convey her personality as a plus. It was important for us to do this task as it will help us when organizing for our first narrative shoot, it also gave us a lot of time to think about what costume items would work best and what wouldn’t. We were all very happy with our final decision and now feel confident and prepared for our shoot. I am very excited!

Genre Analysis

This is our voice thread of our genre analysis. Above is the script we used when we recorded this.

This was a slow and well thought out process as we wanted to be as professional and put together as possible. The Indie Rock community has a very distinct look and feel to it so capturing this on camera would definitely be quite the challenge. However, after a huge amount of research and video watching, we were able to find themes and key images that the genre tend to use to convey there style.

This was a really interesting process as it taught me that every area of music is unique in it’s own way. It’s all about how everything is portrayed through the camera. I learnt that even the small things like props and costume have a huge impact when filming an Indie Rock music video. I was very proud of the presentation we created as it reflected our research skills and effort to work together. My group and I are getting on extremely well and I can’t wait to start filming with them!


Risk Assesment

This is our risk assessment form for our performance shoot in the drama studio next week. This document is extremely important and will secure a safe and professional shoot. We created this document because it would also help in terms of organisation. This tells us where we need to be and at what time which will be incredibly important as we need extra performers for this shoot. 

The process of making this document was also very helpful as we were able to discuss as a group what needed doing and what we could to prevent each other from breaking equipment and hurting ourselves. It’s very important that we get used to creating documents like this if we want to ensure a safe a professional working environment. It is also important to do this because we will get a better quality and variety of shots in general!

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

This week, we had a guest from Specsavers come in and show us a few techniques and creative ideas that could help improve our music video. This was a brilliant opportunity for my group and I to learn about the colour bleed idea we had and how we would go about it.

Lenny was excellent and was able to show us an easy and effective way of creating a colour bleed effects on Premiere Pro. I was really thankful for this experience and wished that I had filmed the tutorial he gave us as it was very helpful! Instead, I took a page of notes so that my group and I don’t forget how to do it when it comes down to editing. 

Lenny loved our idea and said it was really creative and has a lot of metaphoric potential. However to improve he gave us some targets:

  • Use the colour bleed only when it will have the most impact
  • Address our key themes in a sympathetic and approachable way
  • Use different styles of film such as: Stop motion, film noir and animation to make our piece as interesting as possible

Thanks to this feedback, my group and I now know just what we need to do in order to create the best piece of work we can.

Here is an image of the written notes I took and a YouTube Tutorial that will help us out in the editing process:

Production Meeting Agenda for Performance Shoot

This is our meeting agenda for our first shoot. This shoot will be for our location performance and we will be mainly focusing on the band and lead performer.

I was really happy with this task because even though it was hard, it gave my group and I the opportunity to talk about the shoot and discuss our ideas. My group and I are very creative and get a lot done so we were able to get all of our ideas down on paper and sort out what worked best and what didn’t. We were also able to contact possible performers who wanted to be in the shoot and who we thought would do a good job. It was very important that we sorted this as soon as possible because we had to make sure their timetable was free also. We could then work out a time and place that was convenient to everyone.

Also, the equipment we chose to use for our mise en scene (the drum kit) was at a different location.  We were also able to get a hold of the people who owned this equipment and organised lifts down to pick them up and take them to our shoot. This took a fair amount of organizing but it was worth it in the end!

This will help me in the future of our shoot as we will need to know who holds each responsibility. It is a great way at being more organised which is what I personally struggled with in the last task. 

Permission from artist

Here is the tweet that my group sent the artists of our song asking for permission to use the song. (21 Pilots did not actually reply!)

It is important for us to do this because otherwise we could be committing potential copyright. It is also just genuinely polite and decent of us as we love the band and don’t want to offend the artist!

Visual Shot List for Performance shoot

This is the shot list me, Haygan and Daniela created. The purpose of this task was to see what kind of generic camera angles and techniques are used within an Indie Rock music video. This was a fun task to do and I learnt a lot about how to create a sequence that will fit the generic conventions of an Indie Rock music video. We managed to find a variety of shots that we could attempt creating when it comes to filming our sequence. I learnt that different camera angles and techniques can be used to communicate different meanings and emotions which is very important! We will use different lenses, angles and techniques to connote the meaning and lyrics of the song.

We made this document so that we could discuss and debate which shots we think would work best. In the end, we were able to scrap the rubbish ones and find new shots that we feel would work a lot better. We found that the star image is incredibly important when it comes to the Indie Rock genre. They must be able to perform at a high level of energy and include themselves with the lyrics and music in a very passionate manner. This can go very badly wrong for us if we choose a performer who doesn’t loose themselves in the music.

I have also learnt about how to work in a group and how to communicate with each other better. This will be a very important skill to have when it comes to the actual shoot as we will want to create the best piece of work we can manage. 

Test Shoots

This is our first practice at creating 20 seconds of a music video. This task was a lot of fun but was also particularly difficult. Whilst the shoot went well, we found that editing was the hardest part. Especially when it came to lip syncing. We will definitely work a lot harder in order to make sure the real video is polished and professional looking. 

Want Went Well:

  • We used a variety of different shots
  • We were able to edit some really good moments
  • We created some good mise en scene considering how limited we were
  • We used advanced editing like strobes and slow motion to add more of a dramatic effect
  • We used a black and white filter to fit the genre better

Even Better If:

  • We matched the rhythm of the drums and lip syncing to the music better
  • Had more footage
  • We edited with more exciting pace and used more shots to match the beat
  • If we had gotten more into the performance!

Pitch + Feedback

This is our final pitch that we created between the three of us and our filmed feedback with our media teacher. The feedback we were given was positive but still critical and we have some new changes that we would like to make before we go out and film. I am really happy with what we have decided on so far (even though I look rather miserable in the video!). Below is our final pitch and video of our feedback.

This is our filmed feedback:

The feedback we were given was very helpful and I have been able to summarize some bullet points on what we mainly need to focus on.

  • We now need to create 6 new artistic shots
  • We need to confirm that our star performer can attend the shoot
  • We need to consider new locations where we can access projection screens
  • We need to capture a variety of shots
  • We have to sort out when we are all free
  • We will need to come up with a timetable everyone can work around
  • We will have to research how to edit the colour spread idea and stop motion parts